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Dr. Sue Keller

Material World

Cell phone

Apple iPhone

50 Holyoke St.
Holyoke, MA
(413) 493-3878
It's the cell phone that all other cell phones compare themselves to. When a competitor puts out a new cell phone model, they all explain why it's better than the iPhone. But it's not. The thing is, an iPhone is so much more than just a phone; it's an Internet browser, gravity-sensitive game machine, camera and super-sexy, geography-aware hand-held computer all in one. Instead of a hundred little buttons to push, other than the off switch, it's only got one physical button—everything else is controlled by a super-sensitive touch screen that is very forgiving of fat digits. In the "Advocate" offices, only one editor has an iPhone, and everyone else is a little jealous.
2nd: Blackberry
3rd: Motorola Droid
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