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The Rendezvous

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Tourist spot in the Valley

Yankee Candle Flagship

25 Greenfield Rd. (Rtes. 5 & 10)
South Deerfield, MA
(887) 803-6890

Laurie McDonald, general manager of Chandler's and marketing manager for the Yankee Candle Collection, says the South Deerfield candle lovers' mecca now has around 500 locations across the country and even in Europe. She chalks up the company's success to interactive features like candle-creating for visitors as well as the breadth of offerings, from the home of the Clauses to Pandora Jewelry and the Vera Bradley brand, not to mention singing elves and indoor snow.

2nd: Basketball Hall of Fame
1000 Hall of Fame Ave.
Springfield, MA
(413) 781-6500
3rd: Shelburne Falls Bridge of Flowers
PO Box 335, Bridge Street
Shelburne Falls, MA
(413) 625-2526
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