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Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Get Out!

Pool hall

Smith's Billiards

207 Worthington St.
Springfield, MA
(413) 734-9616

Smith's, said to be North America's oldest pool hall, was founded in 1902. The hall still has the feel of the days when players such as "Spotball" Charlie, Louis Goldberg, "Big Jack" Sefarini and Howard "The Fireman" Knight used to chalk their cues there. The sense of yesteryear is so palpable that the pool hall was recently featured on an episode of "Ghosthunters," where researchers determined, as did Valley Best Of voters, that there's something "special" there.

2nd: Michael's Billiards
20 Belchertown Rd.
Amherst, MA
(413) 256-8284

3rd: Co-Ed Billiards
2957 Boston Rd.
Wilbraham, MA
(413) 596-2423

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