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Hotel Northampton

36 King St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-3100
The Hotel Northampton occupies a special place in local culture. It's always heavily booked with weddings at the Wiggins, business meetings and seminars, and traveling musicians who are playing the larger local venues. The Sunday brunch has become legendary with its Dionysian buffet spread in the "haunted" basement, and the Coolidge Cafe's outdoor patio is gearing up for another summer season of fabulous people-watching with mimosas in hand. Metal sculptor Sam Ostroff's newly installed rooftop globe is not only a reminder of New Year's Eve in Noho, but may soon sport an active light show of sorts to charm passers-by downtown.
Also won: 3rd place Banquet facility/reception hall
3rd place Sunday brunch
2nd: Marriott-Springfield
2 Boland Way
Springfield, MA
(413) 781-7111
3rd: Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
One Monarch Place
Springfield, MA
(413) 781-1010

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