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Place for Pilates

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Debja Steinberger's Movement Innovations

140 Pine St., Studio 13 (Florence Community Center)
Florence, MA
(413) 585-0230
Healing, energy and flexibility begin in the core muscles—abdominals, hip flexors and spinal muscles—says Debja Steinberger, a former dancer and longtime movement specialist who helps clients relieve everything from back pain and joint injuries to stiffness and stress. "We start with breathing," says Steinberger, who then moves clients on to work with physioballs and other equipment that promotes balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Steinberger's clients range in age from teens to eighties, and working with pregnant women is one of her specialties.
2nd: The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts
104 Russell St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 586-3504

167 Dwight Rd. Ste.105
Longmeadow, MA
(413) 567-1092
3rd: Abundant Wellness Center
94 Chicopee St. (Rte. 116)
Chicopee, MA
(413) 592-2828
Also won: 2nd place, Place for therapeutic massage
2nd place, Acupuncturist

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