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Picture framing

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Frame & Picture Shoppe

2378 Boston Rd.
Wilbraham, MA
(413) 599-1854
Kimberly Breil has been in the framing business for 26 years and is a regular winner of the Best Of contest. She attributes her success to her one-on-one approach and her sense of style, matching images to their frames, and then the framed images to the homes they'll appear in. She has many long-time customers, working with them from baby pictures all the way through weddings; now she's helping some customers who once were in baby pictures she'd framed.
2nd: Eastmont Custom Framing
43 Main St.
Easthampton, MA
(413) 529-9265
3rd: Hadley Picture Framing
44 Middle St.
Hadley, MA
(413) 586-0332

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