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Acme Auto


Motorcycle dealer

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Valley Motorsports, Inc.

216 North King St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-7303
In his 35th year in business, Jerry Randall has a pretty good idea why his store is so popular with motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts: "I take a lot of pride in the fact that we're a large-volume dealership, and also the most experienced and most respected in customer service, with a lot of product diversity," Randall says. "We get the feeling people are coming to us because they know they can trust us." Randall reports that his scooter business "exploded last year with the higher gas prices." Though gas prices have moderated a bit, Randall believes "people's attitudes have changed forever. People are thinking green. Scooters are practical and fun!"
Also won: 1st place Scooter dealer
2nd: Harley-Davidson of Southampton
17 College Hwy (Rte. 10)
Southampton, MA
(413) 527-1556
3rd: Tibby's
227 Berkshire Ave.
Springfield, MA
(413) 781-0785
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