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Eastside Grill

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Hot Dogs

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Nick's Nest

1597 Northampton St.
Holyoke, MA
(413) 532-5229
When Kevin and Jennifer Chateauneuf bought this venerable 88-year-old Valley business four years ago, they wisely left well enough alone. While the couple made some improvements (from a new roof and a fresh paint job to the addition of outside picnic tables and menu items like soup and onion rings), they've left the feel of the place and the taste of its dogs intact. That includes keeping the old family hot dog recipe they inherited. "It's got a taste of its own," Kevin says.
2nd: White Hut
280 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield, MA
(413) 736-9390

1 Boltwood Walk
Amherst, MA
(413) 835-0455
Also won: 1st place, Hamburgers

3rd: Tom's Hot Dogs
37 State Rd. (Rtes. 5 & 10)
Whately, MA
(413) 665-2931

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