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Northampton Brewery

11 Brewster Ct.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-9903
Head brewer Donald Pacher is busy crafting new brews, and his Blueboots IPA is one of the most popular—an "East Coast version of a West Coast IPA." This spring, he'll brew a batch of Graduation Ale, a wheat beer fermented with many pounds of fresh raspberries and strawberries. You'll always find a large selection of Pacher's brews, and usually a couple of guest brews, too. If you'd like to take some home, the Brewery offers growlers, sold only on the premises.
Also won: 1st place Outdoor dining
2nd: Amherst Brewing Co.
10 University Dr.
Amherst, MA
(413) 253-4400
3rd: The People's Pint
24 Federal St.
Greenfield, MA
(413) 773-0333
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