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Maximum Capacity

Get Out!

New bar

Paradise City Tavern

1 Bridge St.
Northampton, MA
It's not easy being the new kid on the block, but Paradise City Tavern has slid right into Northampton's street culture. With a host of TVs that keep you on top of sports scores and a fairly regular sampling of music, its atmosphere provides a comfortable place to munch appetizers, sip drinks at the bar or dig into one of the Tavern's sizable entrees.
2nd: Onyx
1150 West Columbus Ave.
Springfield, MA
(413) 730-6699
Also won: 3rd place, Place for martinis

3rd: Black Moon
37 State St.
Belchertown, MA
(413) 323-0013
Also won: 1st place, Place for live jazz
3rd place, Place for live blues

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