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WWLP 22, Springfield (NBC)
"Western Mass. often feels a little slighted, feeling like that afterthought west of Boston," says WWLP meteorologist Brian Lapis. "People love to hear the news about their home town. We are a community of towns. We have our bureaus in Hampshire and Franklin counties, so we're reaching out." And when they hear that local news, they like to hear it from reporters and anchors who also have roots in the community and an interest in what happens there. A station with less turnover than other area stations, WWLP gives its audience names they know well. "A lot of us have lived here for a long time," says weeknight news anchor Barry Kriger. "What people see is a sense of community." Adds Lapis, "Our management tends to encourage people to stay." Then, too, much as people like the easygoing style of WWLP's local personalities, NBC's popularity as a national network no doubt had something to do with this vote; never the prima donna, Lapis pointed out, "A lot of people watch the Today Show and sometimes the dial gets stuck right there."
2nd: WGGB 40, Springfield (ABC)
3rd: CBS 3

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