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The Springfield Intruder
Bill Dusty, the creator of The Springfield Intruder, came to the Best of the Valley open house straight from his computer, where he was working on an article about Democratic Springfield City Councilor Kateri Walsh's claim that she has a lot in common with retiring Republican state rep Mary Rogeness, whose seat Walsh has expressed interest in filling. And as faithful readers of Dusty's Springfield Intruder blog could predict, Walsh doesn't come out on top in that comparison (on fiscal policy, for instance). A long-time writer of fiction and poetry, Dusty began his on-line political commentary with his New England Rogue Journal, before sharpening his focus on Springfield news and politics with the Intruder. A registered Republican, Dusty describes himself as "right-leaning," although not a religious conservative, with a middle-of-the-road take on social issues. He's especially bothered by hypocrisy from either end of the political spectrum--but living in the Valley, he says, he sees an inordinate amount of that hypocrisy coming from the left. Dusty also objects to the pretense of "objectivity" in much of the media. "I just wish more people wore their politics on their sleeve," he says. Dusty, who is a South End homeowner, uses his blog to present his warts-and-all take on his city. "I'm pragmatic. I'm not overly optimistic; I'm not overly pessimistic," he says. "I'm not going to be a rah-rah person. If I see a problem, I'll say it. If I see something good, I'll say it, too."
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