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The Delaney House

Well Worn

Nail salon

The Ivy Tanning Salon & Spa

15 College Hwy.
Easthampton, MA
(413) 527-7772
The Ivy, a tanning salon that's also popular with our readers as a nail salon, reports that dark colors—"almost black"—are the big hits in nail polish. So is the French manicure, in which white is applied to the tip of the nail, followed by a pink polish over the whole nail. A sign of spring is that the Ivy is getting ready for pedicure season, when people will be prettying up their feet before donning their sandals; The Ivy can rejuvenate their scruffy nails and dispel their winter pallor in one glorious sweep.
Also won: 2nd place Tanning salon
2nd: Face To Nails Etc. Day Spa
600 Springfield St.
Chicopee, MA
(413) 594-8563
Also won: 3rd place, Day spa

3rd: Salon Herdis
231 Main St., 2nd Floor
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-0088
Also won: 1st place, Hair salon

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