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Place to buy lingerie

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Gazebo Lingerie

14 Center St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-6673
Known for delectable house-designed lingerie, Gazebo, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, is nothing if not responsive to its clientele. It's gained fame for its fitting of bras and the specialty services it offers women with mastectomies. Now, with the national and local economy sagging, founder Judith Fine is more determined than ever to show local women that, as she puts it, "We are listening." "We want to be the place for all women, no matter what your income level," says Fine. "I'm going to be a lot more to a lot more people. We've doubled our bra inventory. We're going to carry more Playtex and Bali, more French, Canadian and American lines. But it has to be good quality." Check out the new developments at
2nd: Victoria's Secret
50 Holyoke St. (Holyoke Mall)
Holyoke, MA
(413) 533-3423
3rd: Frederick's of Hollywood
Various locations
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