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Iris Photo & Digital

164 Main St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-8417
There's no end to the list of services Iris provides, besides selling photographic equipment (including film, as well as digital cameras and accessories of all kinds) and offering tech support even to people who didn't buy their cameras there. They already have kiosks so customers can print pictures in the store; soon they'll be bringing in specialty kiosks so people can use their photos to make cards, albums and calendars right there. Iris can restore photos that are faded, creased or torn, and they can edit them, too, as they did for one customer who wanted a misbehaving in-law deleted from a picture of a family picnic. Iris also offers the E-box, a portable light studio to help enhance photos of what people want to sell.
2nd: Piepul's Camera Center, Inc.
44 Center St.
Chicopee, MA
(413) 598-8042
3rd: Ritz Camera
219 Main St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-6040
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