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Independent coffee house/cafe

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Woodstar Café

60 Masonic St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 585-9777
We've got Woodstar's strategy nailed: they start you out with healthy low-cal dishes like the Emily's Favorite sandwich, named for Emily Dickinson: herb foccacia with roasted red pepper and eggplant spread, smoked tofu, mescalun greens, sprouts, tomato and onion. Then when you've earned yourself some "calorie offsets," they whip out the French chicken and goat cheese sandwich and the éclairs, coconut cake or Black Bottom banana cream tart. All breads are made in-house, including boiled bagels, handmade Danish, pain du chocolat and olive ciabatta. Don't plan to go to this coffee house and sit for hours nursing one cappuccino and musing over the Symbolistes; from breakfast through dinnertime it's so busy that there's little idle space.
Also won: 2nd place Cup of coffee
2nd place Bakery
2nd place Service/Wait staff
3rd place Lunch
2nd: Haymarket Café
185 Main St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-9969
Also won: 3rd place, Salads

3rd: Esselon Café
99 Russell St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 585-1515
Also won: 2nd place, Lunch

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