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Tourist spot in the Berkshires

Norman Rockwell Museum

9 Glendale Rd. (Rte. 183)
Stockbridge, MA
(413) 298-4100
The museum, which boasts over 700 paintings, drawings and studies and an archive of more than 150,000 letters, photos and materials devoted to exploring Rockwell's art and the art of illustration, also presents many enriching events for community members such as wide-ranging talks, museum walks, symposia and arts festivals. Seasonal events include numerous talks in which people who posed as models for Norman Rockwell share their experiences; writing workshops; and a Comic Arts Festival featuring presentations and demonstrations relating to graphic novels.
2nd: Tanglewood
279 West St.
Lenox, MA
(413) 637-1600
3rd: MassMoca
87 Marshall St.
North Adams, MA
(413) 664-4481
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