Standing in the Shadows

Nashville Week

There are real, important things to discuss. World affairs, politics, even local goings on, of which there are many—this week. Add in the little things that happened and some charming photos and I could be writing about and thinking about practically anything.

But the truth, however sad or pathetic or amusing, is this: I’m completely distracted by the notion that on Wednesday I can see the season premiere of Nashville and the next day, Scandal (give me some hashtags). I’d pretend I wasn’t so preoccupied, but I am too preoccupied to pull off a credible cover up.

In fact, of my three to share, I’ll show my hand with commentary about what Kerry Washington wore to the Emmys, an essay on madness and Carrie on Homeland* and a Lennon and Maisy song, just because.

This week, I’m simply grateful for the premieres—at long last. And I guess I’m grateful for company in my excitement and the fact that I don’t mind a simple pleasure being just that.

* Okay, I will also watch Law and Order: SVU, Parenthood, the Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy. And that’s just the returning shows. There are a couple of new ones I might have to check out. I watch generally when I am on my elliptical machine. My legs stand to get strong this fall—or turn to mush. Or my mind may turn to mush. We shall see. Thank goodness for DVR’s and on demand viewing. Obviously, I will not watch everything right away—no spoilers please.

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