The Axe Falls at ABC-40

Investigative reporter and union steward Jim Polito isn't sure why he was fired. He hopes the National Labor Relations Board can help him find out.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Late in the afternoon on the Thursday before Christmas, Jim Polito was working at his desk in the WGGB/Channel 40 newsroom. Polito, who's been an investigative reporter and sometime anchor at the station for eight years, had already wrapped up his assignments for that evening's newscast and was catching up on his email while he waited to do some on-air reports during the 5 and 6 o'clock shows, he says.

That, Polito says, is when Kathy Tobin, the station's news director, approached his desk. She told him that John Gormally, the station's new owner, wanted to see him. He might want to bring along a representative from his union, she added.

Polito asked fellow reporter Jim Cline, a steward in the union, to join him. Walking to the conference room where the meeting was to take place, Polito says, he told his colleague: "Jim, I'm going to get fired."

Cline dismissed his prediction, Polito says. But sure enough, when Polito got to the conference room, Gormally was waiting for him. "Jim, we're going to terminate your employment this day. Things are just not working out," Polito says Gormally told him. The station's CFO handed Polito a final paycheck and told him his health insurance would be extended for two more weeks.

As Polito stood up to leave, he says, Gormally stood, too. "Jim, I want you to know that I always respected your work and I wish you the best," he says Gormally told him. Gormally extended his hand, and Polito shook it.

While Cline was surprised, Polito says, "I wasn't shocked. I felt as if the sword of Damocles was lifted from over my head."

Polito had known he was on thin ice with the station's new owner for weeks. Gormally had given him a written termination warning in late November and Polito had already cleaned out his desk in anticipation of the axe falling.

It wasn't the first axe to fall. Since Gormally, publisher of BusinessWest, bought WGGB in early November, he's fired 10 employees, according to the union (Gormally told the Springfield Republican it was only six), and demoted a number of others.

Union officials say Gormally told them that the cuts were a cost-saving measure imposed on him by lenders who helped him finance the purchase. Union members say that Gormally let go or demoted several workers who held leadership roles in the union. And Gormally—as is his right by law—has opted not to recognize the contract the union had negotiated with the station's previous owner, Sinclair Broadcasting. (See "Off the Air," Dec. 20, 2007, The union, the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians Local 19, has filed several complaints against Gormally with the National Labor Relations Board, including one over Polito's firing.

Gormally declined to be interviewed by the Advocate, other than to offer an emailed statement: "Mr. Polito's [sic] was terminated from WGGB for a variety of reasons that I cannot get into. I can tell you that it had nothing whatsoever to do with unions. Any assertion to the contrary is without merit."

Polito might not be the first employee to be fired by Channel 40's new owner, but he's certainly the most high-profile. In his eight years at the station, Polito, like many on-air reporters and anchors, has achieved a degree of local celebrity, judging local battles of the bands, lending his name and time to fundraisers for the Molly Bish Center for the Protection of Children.

But it's his investigative reporting that's distinguished Polito, and won him both awards and enemies—most notably, Anthony Ardolino, the one-time chief of staff to former Springfield Mayor Mike Albano. In the spring of 2005, Polito had reported on the sentencing of Ardolino's older brother Chester, then a city cop, who several months earlier had been found guilty on seven counts, including real estate fraud and money laundering. The next day, according to Polito, the younger Ardolino approached him and told him: "It's a good thing that you own a gun because you are going to need it after the way that you reported last night."

Polito filed a criminal complaint against Ardolino in district court. A few months later, he dropped the charge after Ardolino, who had pleaded innocent, agreed to donate $750 to the American Red Cross. Both Ardolino brothers are now in federal prison, after pleading guilty last year to tax fraud and conspiracy charges.

In a written rebuttal Polito prepared in response to the termination warning he received in November and included as a supporting document to a National Labor Relations Board complaint he has since filed, he describes another story he was pursuing that same year—one, Polito says, in which he found himself looking at the man who, unbeknownst to either of them, would one day be his boss: Gormally.

In that rebuttal, Polito writes about reporting he did in 2005 on then-Chicopee Mayor Richard Goyette in which he looked at Goyette's campaign finance records, as well as his role in approving billboard permits during his time as a Chicopee alderman.

In the spring of 2003, Gormally had applied to the Chicopee Board of Aldermen for a special permit for a billboard on Memorial Drive on behalf of his company, BusinessWest. It was a closely watched vote; the aldermen had recently voted to cap the number of billboards in the city at 31, and only five remained up for grabs. According to a Springfield Republican article at the time, Gormally's proposal had only six of the nine votes needed for approval going into the meeting.

Still, his permit was granted, thanks to a parliamentary move engineered by Alderman Brant DuBois. DuBois, the newspaper reported, knowing Gormally's application didn't have the votes to pass, moved instead to table it. By law, the board needs to act on special permit applications within 90 days of their filing; if the board fails to act within that time period, the permit application is automatically granted, with no restrictions. Because the board was not scheduled to meet again before the end of Gormally's 90-day period, the move to table it ensured that his permit would be granted.

"DuBois said he made the motion to table the BusinessWest vote as a parliamentary move to assure its passage, knowing there were five opponents," the Republican reported. Six other aldermen joined DuBois in voting to table the vote, including Goyette. Alderman Jean Croteau, who opposed the granting of Gormally's permit, described the move by his colleagues as "sneaky."

That fall, as Goyette was running for his first term as mayor, his campaign finance reports show that he rented a billboard on I-391 from BusinessWest, at a cost of $4,200. The bill shows up as an unpaid liability on an October, 2003 finance report; the bill is reported paid in a report filed the subsequent January, as Goyette began his first (and, it would turn out, only) term as mayor.

Goyette's finance reports also show that Gormally had donated $500—the maximum annual donation allowed by law—to his campaigns in 2003 and in 2005.

Gormally's support for Goyette was more than monetary. In its Oct. 31, 2005, edition, BusinessWest ran an editorial, signed by Gormally, endorsing Goyette in his run for a second mayoral term against challenger Michael Bissonnette. "Goyette has some work to do building the kinds of partnerships needed to move any agenda forward, but we believe that he is the best the [sic] answer for Chicopee," Gormally wrote in the endorsement, which jabbed Bissonnette for "[making] a career out of running for public office but not winning it. ...

"[Goyette] is not the lesser of two evils, as some have suggested, but the community's best hope for real leadership," Gormally wrote. On Nov. 1, 2005—one day after the endorsement's publication date, and seven days before the election—Goyette was arrested by the FBI on charges of accepting $10,000 in bribes from two city business owners. In June of 2007, shortly before his trial was to begin, Goyette pleaded guilty to two counts of extortion; he's now in federal prison.

In its Nov. 14, 2005, edition, BusinessWest ran another editorial—this one unsigned—noting the magazine's "disappointment" at the news of Goyette's arrest. "There was much surprise at the news, and much anger as well. After all, BusinessWest did endorse Goyette for a second term as mayor, believing that he had the leadership skills and common sense needed to move the community forward. We, like many Chicopee residents, feel betrayed and misled," the editorial read.

Polito says he dropped his work on the story after Goyette's arrest, and before he had contacted Gormally for an interview to discuss his relationship with the now-disgraced, now-former mayor. Polito says that he had told a friend who worked at BusinessWest that he was looking into the relationship, and that the friend told him she had passed that information on to Gormally.

Asked if he thinks his reporting on Gormally's relationship with Goyette contributed to his firing, Polito said, "I can't answer that." He included the incident in his rebuttal document on the advice of a union attorney and some attorney friends to "have it on the record, so that it has context," he said. Polito has given that rebuttal to the National Labor Relations Board as a supporting document in his case against Gormally.

"This was a unique situation, that the station was bought by a person I [had earlier been] investigating," Polito said.

Pressed on the question of whether Polito's reporting on Gormally's relationship with Goyette had any bearing on his firing, Gormally refused to comment on the record.


Polito says he and Gormally never discussed his reporting on the Goyette matter. But the reporter and the new owner were butting heads soon after Gormally took over the station.

In late November, Polito says, Gormally called him into his office and informed him that a fellow employee had written a complaint letter saying Polito had threatened her in the parking lot behind the station. While Gormally, according to Polito, never named the employee or showed him the letter, the reporter assumed it was Angela Pratt, a production assistant at the station, with whom he'd had a conversation about union matters in the station's parking lot the week before.

Shortly after that, Gormally gave Polito the warning letter, in which he named Pratt as the complainant and said he'd interviewed her about the incident "and [found] her allegations to have merit and that you acted in an inappropriate manner.

"Further, it has been reported to me that you have been involved in similar hostile encounters with other employees. Such behavior will not be tolerated," the letter continued.

Gormally ordered Polito to have no further contact with Pratt. The owner also wrote that in an earlier meeting with Polito, the reporter had used "profanity and other inappropriate language to describe events that had taken place. You are hereby placed on notice that profanity is not accepted in our business environment and may result in your termination." He also chastised Polito for "a long history of making disparaging remarks regarding WGGB, Sinclair and your immediate supervisor, Kathy Tobin. ... They cannot continue."

Gormally ended the letter with a warning: "[Y]ou are hereby given notice that the next meritorious complaint from a co-worker accusing you of harassment or bullying or inappropriate behavior will result in your immediate termination."

Polito contends that he never harassed or threatened Pratt. When he'd run into her in the parking lot, he says, she was heading to a meeting with Tom Bevacqua, Local 19's president and Channel 40's former chief meteorologist, who was holding office hours at a restaurant across the street. Polito believed Pratt had been discussing union matters with Gormally while union officials had been trying without much luck to hammer out a new contract with the owner. So, Polito wrote in his rebuttal, he asked her, "Could you do me a favor and stop trying to bargain for the Union with John Gormally?

"She answered defensively and claimed she was not speaking on behalf of the Union," but rather was talking with Gormally about a personal raise, Polito wrote.

Contacted by the Advocate about her complaint, Pratt said simply, "No comment."

Polito denied using any more colorful language than can be found in any newsroom, and added that, while he certainly can be passionate about his work, he does not bully others. Most important, he says, he did not violate any of the conditions set out by Gormally in the warning letter.

"If you asked me, 'Why do you think you got fired?' my answer would be, 'I don't really know. That's what I want to find out in front of the Labor Relations Board,' " Polito said in an interview.


One thing is certain, said Bill Murray, NABET Local 19's agent at the union's Washington headquarters: If Gormally had recognized the existing union contract when he bought the station, he would not have been able to fire Polito the way he did.

"He was fired basically at will, was called in and [told], 'It's not working out, and you're fired,'" Murray said. "If we'd had [a contract] in place, that wouldn't have happened to Jim." Murray said that the old contract protected union members from being fired without cause and provided a grievance process—protections that would have been applicable to Polito as a union member.

Local 19 is hoping to reach a new contract with Gormally; a bargaining meeting with the owner is set for Feb. 14. The union, Murray said, is looking for the basic job protections it had under its previous contract with Sinclair, such as the right to grievance and arbitration processes and the guarantee that firings must be for just cause.

Polito remains a union steward and will continue to take part in contract negotiations, he said. He knows that activists with the local AFL-CIO labor council are considering calling for a boycott of Channel 40. While he's grateful for the support, he said, "I've said, 'Don't do that, because you're going to hurt my friends and coworkers.' Despite what Mr. Gormally did to me, I want him to succeed, because I have friends who work there."

Meanwhile, Polito is pursuing his case before the National Labor Relations Board. "My objective right now is to clear my name through the labor board and get my job back," he said. "I know people are saying, 'What did [he] do that was so wrong that he got fired five days before Christmas?' I want to know that, too."

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Sounds like he got what he deserved.
Posted by William Mesch on 2.6.08 at 11:36
We've all been waiting to hear the real story behind Polito's termination and now the Advocate has come through. The Republican, which is an anti-union rag, ignored the story. What other conclusion can one come to other than this was pay back for Polito. I support local ownership versus corporate media but John Gormally is the exception to the rule. Gormally was a Goyette butt-boy and got even with Polito for investigating him and his felon friend Goyette. Thanks Mo Turner! The Advocates's new owners are proving themselves as real journalists. Let's hope the Feds side with Polito and the Union.
Posted by News Watcher on 2.6.08 at 17:27
After reading this article, who would ever hire this guy for anything. He sounds like a thug who likes to beat up women.
Posted by Karen Walsh on 2.6.08 at 17:33
So Polito answers all the reporter's questions and gives them all the documents that are related to his case. John Gormally and the rest hide behind no-comment. I know who I believe. Go Jim!
Posted by Joe Zecco on 2.6.08 at 17:40
Polito, a thug? Ha! The guy's a cream-puff, unless you are in the sights of his investigation. Any one who knows him would say that despite his bravado with the mob and corrupt politicians, he's a gentle man. Just ask the Bish family.
Posted by Mike Arnold on 2.6.08 at 17:48
What kind of nut gives a newspaper all these confidential employee files? What an idiot. It sure sounds like he got what he deserved. What employer in their right mind would ever hire a wing-nut like this? Especially one that is abusive. If this guy had any brains, he would have just moved on. Now no one will ever hire him. It's all google-able. JERK!
Posted by Karen Walsh on 2.6.08 at 18:00
Men that use their power to beat down women cannot be tolerated. This guy is now on WAQY from what I am told. Women should start a boycott of this radio station. I will start posting their advertisers. Women Must Rise And Stop The Violence Against Them. There is no place for thugs like this and this guy seems like the king of thugs. Why the Advocate printed this women's name is inexcusable. Trash journalism at its best.
Posted by Mary Ellen Ford on 2.6.08 at 18:26
Speaking as a former co-worker of jim Polito -- this guy had it coming. He constantly harassed the other employees. He did have one of the most profane mouths in the building, and he enjoyed harassing and belittling one of the oldest and most senior employees. He was always so condescending to everyone who worked with him. He looked like a nice guy on TV, but once those cameras were off, he was a major jerk. And I, too, and disappointed that Angela's name had to be brought up into all of this mess. I hope she doesn't receive retaliation now because he decided to give every last detail of his termination to a newspaper. abc40's not the greatest station to work at, but a lot of good people work there. Jim was not one of them. Good riddance.
Posted by Former abc40 employee on 2.6.08 at 20:32
Jim Polito is many things, but a thug is not one of them. I applaud him for being honest and telling all. He didn't hide anything from this reporter even at the risk of some people taking the facts and twisting them to make him look bad. People who work at abc40 know that the woman who accused him of bullying is herself a less than stellar employee. The station's union saved her from being fired on several occasions. How does she repay the union? By stabbing them in the back. She waqs trying to play John Gormally for a raise. She's also circulating a petition to try and get rid of the union. While he woked at 40 he was one of the nicest guys in the entire organization. He was a team player and it was that fact that got him fired. He was a morale booster in the newsroom and often came to the defense of the union or employees that got him canned. Angela Pratt is John Gormally's little worker along with Dave Madsen. Both were involved in setting up Polito. A small vocal minority of people at the station did not like Polito, that's a pretty good stat considering the fact that you can never please everyone. In his absence, the newsroom is like a dungeon. Who ever wrote the above comment does not represent the general opinion of people who worked with Polito. His work record was flawless and he never got in any trouble or was ever acused of any wrong doing until John Gormally bought the station. You go Jim.
Posted by Current abc40 employee on 2.7.08 at 1:29
Give me a break, Polito is not a thug?!?! He was a great reporter and a team player at 40. The news has suffered since he left. Too bad the article didn't include the fact that Dave Madsen was one of the other employees who Gormally claims Polito threatened. Polito and Madsen had an argument last summer in the newsroom over Madsen circulating a petition to get rid of the union. Madsen sent Gormally an email that night to tell him that Polito was a big union supporter. Gormally didn't even own the station yet, he was just considering a purchase. Madsen was setting himself up to keep his job and get even with a reporter who contributed more to the ratings than him.
Posted by 40 staffer on 2.7.08 at 3:07
First of all, Jim did not beat up any women in this article. He simple told a female employee not to negotiate union business with her boss. She was trying to get a raise and manipulated the process of good-faith negotiations. Anyone who is seeing either sexism or violence should perhaps reread the article. Because you're WAAAAAAYYYY off base
Posted by Iknowtheguy on 2.7.08 at 5:18
Polito is the man!!! I've known him personally for a couple years now, and he is more dedicated to the Bish case and others than anyone I know. He's a fantastic reporter and a very kind individual.
Posted by Sarah on 2.7.08 at 6:00
If this clown can't figure out why he got fired, maybe he just can't read. Swearing in the office, threatening co-workers, abusing women, threatening his boss. It's in the article dummy. This guy is a complete dolt. I never saw him on 40,either.
Posted by Bill Martinthal on 2.7.08 at 6:35
If this clown can't figure out why he got fired, maybe he just can't read. Swearing in the office, threatening co-workers, abusing women, threatening his boss. It's in the article dummy. This guy is a complete dolt. I never saw him on 40,either.
Posted by Bill Martinthal on 2.7.08 at 6:44
Abusing women? Threatening his boss? I didn't see anything in the article that made those allegations. I'm shocked that Bill Martinthal never saw Polito on 40. You appear to be a person who watches a lot of TV because your reading skills are obviously weak.
Posted by MailBag on 2.7.08 at 6:44
I worked with Jim Polito for all his years at channel 40, and while he could be loud in the newsroom, when he was there it was alway interesting. Often you would hear laughter and people enjoying being around him. Laughter that you no longer hear here in the newsroom. I know I always enjoyed working with him, and whether its personal or professional I know I could count on Jim to help me out. Anyone that works at 40 knows the truth about him, and also knows how much the news product is suffering without him! Let the Department of Labor decide who is telling the truth! It will all come out in the end. Good luck finding a job Jim.. We all miss you!
Posted by Defender of Truth on 2.7.08 at 7:55
I just want to say I worked at abc40 for 3 years with Jim Polito, and he is the most stand up guy I ever met. He never got into trouble at work and my professional interaction with him was always a possitive one. I have one thing to say about Angela Pratt....she has her own agenda and I would take what she says with a grain of salt.
Posted by past40employee on 2.7.08 at 8:02
If you worked in the newsroom, you don't have a right to speak about Angela. She is in fact a fantastic employee. The sales department relies on her. Everytime one of the newsroom people wants something for thier resume reel, they go to her. Now that you feel you can't get anything from her, you bash her. are you Polito, or just repeating what he told you to say. You really ought to know a person before you make remarks about them
Posted by Today's40 on 2.7.08 at 8:57
Enough has been said, argued and debated over the moves that have been made at ABC 40 to the point of ad nauseum. The purpose of my post isn?t to debate who?s right or wrong, but to shine a light on the serious accusations made by some readers above regarding Jim Polito, the person. This has nothing to do with his reporting skills, how many contacts he has or why he was fired. My hope is you will re-consider your emotionally driven claims about his integrity as a man and gain some understanding and truth. I?m not going to supply a sugarcoated eulogy, just a real observation from a real person. My name is Tom Parnell. I was a reporter at channel 40 from 2004-07 and worked with Jim Polito. As the posts above attest to, some past and present employees didn?t like Polito?s aggressive nature in the newsroom. I find it sad that these people confuse Jim?s frustration with poor management, lazy employees and lifeless leadership as a selfish, perverse crutch to ridicule a ?senior employee?, a person who Jim defended in union negotiations! Additionally, this senior employee had no business in a news organization and due to inept management, continued to work at the station until they found him ASLEEP at his work area. Jim would be the first to fire off an ?F- yeah? if you questioned his choice of language in the newsroom. Yes, (gasp!) he used bad language and (gasp!) so did I and many others - I?ve worked in six TV stations across the nation, and this goes on in the heated, deadline-driven environment. While it doesn?t justify the behavior, in my time in at ABC 40, Jim Polito was never told to tone down the language by management or ANYONE that was bothered by it. In fact, I witnessed managers on numerous occasions smiling or laughing at a Polito story that involved a few ?choice? words. ?Men that use their power to beat down women cannot be tolerated.? - This statement is why I decided to write this and put my name on it. Ms. Ford and others who jumped on this bandwagon, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have done a disservice to domestic violence victims by belittling such a serious offense with your emotionally-driven rant. For me to even defend Jim of ?beating down? a woman is ludicrous and after reading the article twice, I still don?t know why you would bring such a serious issue to light that isn?t even a twinkle in the eye of what went on. I conclude that you may not agree with Jim Polito and his pursuit of the truth in this matter, but to accuse a man of something he is not does nothing but paint your own insecurities and immature behavior. From a personal perspective, he is the best reporter I?ve ever worked with. He?s a fiery competitor, who seeks the truth and he is a man of integrity who I hold with the utmost respect. He has shown nothing but love (sometimes the tough version) and respect to those he?s worked with for the greater good. Choose your words wisely, and you won?t have to hide behind a fake name.
Posted by Tom Parnell on 2.7.08 at 9:09
Very well written Tom. I think you bring up some great points. Are there some issues that need to be resolved? Yes. I know Jim and think he's a decent guy. I don't begrudge his desire to get some straight answers. I do however have an issue with the grandstanding. There were others who were let go, including a member of the management staff. None of them have made it a point to use their media connections to "broadcast" their grievances. It is inappropriate for Jim to use Rock 102 and the Advocate to air his issues. This is between Jim Polito and John Gormally. This should be handled by them and their various council. Stop the show. It's getting old and frankly many of us, at abc40, are tired of it.
Posted by 40 Staff Member on 2.7.08 at 9:55
Many of us in the public are intrigued by this story. How much 'investigative journalism' really goes on in Springfield? Is it tempered by advertisers and now owners of station's opinions? Frankly, most of our local reporting has been reduced to assembly line journalism, show up for five minutes, talk to a person and rush to the next story. 'I-Team', I don't think so! Whether Polito is a good guy, bad guy or irritating guy I don't care! What really matters is what comes out of the box sitting in my entertainment center. This is about letting reporters do real reporting. So far local ownership is lowering the bar. That is really sad.
Posted by radiodog on 2.7.08 at 10:45
Polito is certainly a great guy, but I agree with the above post. Others got fired, got new jobs, and moved on. It's business. By continually smudging abc40 and "grandstanding", he's essentially made it so that any other tv station in the land would be insane to hire him. And why would he be looking for his job back at 40? Why would you want to go back to a place that you've caused turmoil for, under a boss who obviously doesn't care for his style (whether that's fair or not). Eventually, you'd think saga would head down to the B&B show and tell him to knock it off. The matter should be settled between Jim and Gormally, that is all. It's none of the public's business.
Posted by past 40 employee on 2.7.08 at 12:08
Jim Polito is an investigative reporter to the core. While you may see it as grandstanding, he is a person in search of the truth, in search of the story and he will succeed. While you may not agree with his tactics or behavior, if you truly work or worked at 40 you know that it's a place that needs a revolution and new leadership. This goes beyond a person getting fired and "getting over it and moving on." Jim is on a mission to uncover the truth so that his friends at ABC40 can finally work at a place that's moving forward with a fair and talented management team that has a real vision and knows news. To group Jim with the rest of the news department people that were laid off is ridiculous. Those people were dead weight, lazy or burned out and needed to go. However, in Gormally fashion, they were axed before Thanksgiving in a unprofessional manner. Jim was fired five days before Christmas with a generic, "Things are just not working out." The owner is friend's with a man in jail. He fired his only real reporter. Again, this isn't grandstanding - this is a real reporter going after a story. Sit back and watch, may learn something.
Posted by Grandstanding Is Gay on 2.7.08 at 12:25
Jim Polito is a great guy and to say he "beats down women" is crazy. The last thing he would ever do is that. He would provide humor and a comic relief to everyone at abc40 (along with being our best reporter). Everyone that thinks abc40 is better off without Polito is very wrong. Polito has won so many AP awards for that station and put so much work into each and every story he did. Polito is a great guy and he is deeply missed.
Posted by abc40 employee on 2.7.08 at 12:43
Gormally ended the letter with a warning: "[Y]ou are hereby given notice that the next meritorious complaint from a co-worker accusing you of harassment or bullying or inappropriate behavior will result in your immediate termination." That says it all. He really hurt himself, employers do not like people with this history. As a head hunter his day is over.
Posted by robinadams on 2.7.08 at 14:21
Posted by peebrain on 2.7.08 at 14:43
I 'm not sure how many of the people who have made comments in this forum actually know Jim Polito. I've known him for several years and have always been treated with the utmost respect. He is always very professional in his interviews and his investigations. The local television channels would be well served to hire Jim and bring his experience and expertise to their stations. That would be 40?s lost and a local channels gain. The management of channel 40 has been in need of change for a long time. All you need to do is remember all the good people that have left to see there definitely is a problem with their management. Many of the very talented rising stars are located on other channels mostly due to the management style of the news director. It?s too bad that Mr. Gormally didn?t really speak to the employees that were fired. He should given them the chance to prove themselves before letting them go out the door. Whenever an employee walks out the door, history and experience goes with them, Obvisouly his news programs are hurting with bad spelling mistakes, lost connections and mistakes over and over. Again, the management is not doing their jobs. I?m waiting to see what station picks Jim Polito up and I?ll be his first follower. Good luck Jim. Get back into the business. We need good people like you.
Posted by A past 40 watcher on 2.7.08 at 15:33
All positive comments are by Polito and his 15 screen names. This guy is a total loser. It is no wonder why his wife dumped him.
Posted by All Positive on 2.7.08 at 17:01
I have known Jim since the week after Molly Bish disappeared and he is the one of a few reporters that could be trusted to do what he said he would do, to not twist peoples words to make a story more sensational, and to pursue the truth until he found it. He supports the underdog, he treats women respectfully, and he does not bully them. I must admit that I have heard him swear, but then so do I. Hang in there Jim. The FMS supports you. Just don't force feed anyone dark chocolate.
Posted by Sheree on 2.7.08 at 17:05
Jim was one of the best people to have around. Sure, he joked around quite a bit, but he's still one of the nicest people I can think of that I have ever worked with. We're all rallying for your success and miss having you around!
Posted by abc40 employee on 2.7.08 at 18:08
FYI to all of the women who posted that "Jim Polito is a bully to women," Angela Pratt is a liar and is a disgrace to all women in the workplace who have actually experienced abuse. I know her personally. She is no victim; she is manipulative and annoying and should have been fired by Channel 40 years ago. Women like her only hurt the rest of us who might at some point in our careers face actually injustice by our employers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2.7.08 at 19:42
It's sad to see that all anyone cares about, is Jim Polito getting fired. As a former employee with many friends that still work there, I hear keeping the station up and running on a day to day basis has become almost impossible. With almost a dozen people fired, and close to that many having left in the months since, I am told things have never been worse (which is saying a lot having worked for the former owner Sinclair). Most of the people who remain, are either leaving, preparing to leave or holding out hope that Gormally will be broke sooner rather than later, and default on his massive loans. His pipe dream of starting up a Fox station, running 2 full broadcast operations from that old dump of a building, and doing it with 30%-40% less staff is just plain madness.
Posted by Former ABC40 employee on 2.7.08 at 20:27
I'm glad some finally had the guts to call Angela Pratt out on this ridiculous string of comments. My eyes rolled out of my head when I read a comment that Angela is a "fantastic" employee. Angela is a horrendous employee who has been doing the same job for years and still can't get it right. She was on the station's union board until the last voting - NO ONE VOTED FOR HER! So, now she is on a crusade to break up the union. If you want to talk about people saying inapproriate things in the workplace, she is the queen. I've heard her tell men in the newsroom to take off the shirts, talk about sex, etc... She's the poster child for white trash. The employees at 40 need to stand up to this crap. Gormally needs to hear the truth even if he doesn't want to hear it. A useless, poison continues to work, while the station's only redeeming employee is unemployed. Bullshit.
Posted by Angela Pratt Lies on 2.8.08 at 3:09
What's the matter, Guppy? Still pissed because she wouldn't have you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2.8.08 at 5:11 Check out the "Shoptalk" section. --------- A Vault Service 2007, Vault, Inc. Comments or Suggestions? Contact TVSpy
Posted by TVSpy on 2.8.08 at 6:01
So let me get this straight - The new owner received a complaint from an employee that doesn't perform well, and takes her complaint as legitimate against another employee who is supposedly the company's best and most valuable employee? Wow. What a mess.
Posted by 40 Viewer on 2.8.08 at 8:10
I think you might be waiting a long time-based on the article. Why would Mr. Polito, fired for the reasons he shared, let an article like that come out? Besides the warning letter it appears he was trying to blackmail Mr. Gormally. Guess it didn't work.
Posted by Paul Rossi on 2.8.08 at 9:13
I thought this paper supported women's rights? Why on earth are you allowing a one-sided story about a work place infraction in your paper. How often do men who are abusive claim they didn't do it? How often are these men well-respected? Cops get away with abuse all the time because they are cops. I applaud his woman for having the guts to stand up against someone who is cruel to her. Just because he's well-known, doesn't make him innocent. Just because he says he's innocent, doesn't make it true either. If we let go everyone who claimed they were innocent, jails would be empty. I. for one, am no longer picking up the Advocate, because you are clearly not an "Advocate" for her rights, why would you be for mine?
Posted by Amanda McKinstrey on 2.8.08 at 11:27
This is why the woman's movement continues to stall - comments like the one above. The Advocate DID NOT tell a one-sided story - they went to Angela Pratt and she had no comment. She had her chance to speak, and decided not to - that's her choice. While I applaud her for speaking up, I questioned her actions as well as Jim Polito's. What's her work record? Has she blow the whistle on men in the past? What's her past with Jim Polito? What's her behavior in the workplace? Furthermore, stop this oppressive behavior of acting like this strong woman was a weak figure who was abused! He was accused of using bad language, not hitting her! To make a comparision with someone being put in jail and the accusations against Jim Polito makes you look like a complete fool. Not one person said he was innocent throughout the comment thread that knows him. But, people that do know this woman describe her as a terrible employee, guilty of the same behavior to other employees. Check your facts, my sister before you started waving the women's rights flag.
Posted by A Strong Woman on 2.8.08 at 11:38
I love how the women's rights loons come out of the wood work and cry foul about something that's not even an issue. Jim Polito's tiff with Angela Pratt isn't why he got fired and no one is saying he didn't yell at her. Who cares?! If you knew her, you would yell at her too! She's a horrendous employee who has broken the sexual harrassment line many a time during her tenure at ABC40. In fact, ask any union official, they've bailed that girl out more times than they could count!
Posted by ABC 40 Employee on 2.8.08 at 11:45
To ABC 40 Employee: Are you a union official? Have you bailed her out? If so, why are you telling us? That's supposed to be private and confidential. I hold no credence by your claim. Isn't there an on going court battle here? They are not SUPPOSED to talk to anyone until the case is closed. And by they way, someone has already stated that she is an excellent employee (I'm paraphrasing). I hear axes being ground. I don't know what she has to say, that's why this is a one-sided conversation. Since Gormally likes to fire people, if she's a bad employee she'd have been gone before she had the chance to "work with him". You are blinded by this article. You only have half the story. Abuse, by the way, comes in more forms than hitting.
Posted by Amanda McKinstrey on 2.8.08 at 12:29
Yes, union issues are private and confidential, but as you can see, the gossip tree grows strong at ABC40. One person said she was an excellent employee, who could very well be her. No one thinks she is a good employee at the station. That is a fact. The Advocate asked her - she declined. It's not there fault and they attempted to get both sides of the story. That's all they can do. Gormally likes to fire people, and I wouldn't be surprised if Angela is next. I'm not blinded by anything - The facts are clear. Polito was fired. Angela sucks at her job and is a hypocrite who does the very thing she turned Polito in for. That's it. The rest is filler. Yes, abuse comes in many forms. But, you are a disgrace to mention police abuse and people in jail for abuse in the same breath as the accusations against Polito. Give me a break and grow up.
Posted by ABC 40 Employee on 2.8.08 at 12:38
What's her work record? Has she blow the whistle on men in the past? What's her past with Jim Polito? What's her behavior in the workplace? I was her boss for 4 years, let me answer this. Her work record is clean, never had a sit-in with or with-out union representation. She never complained about co-workers, even when she could have, because she didn't "Want to be a problem" - exact quote from when I asked her why she would not complain about treatment she was recieving from a fellow male co-worker. As far as I can remember she and Jim were co-workers only. Her behaviour was alwys professional, courteous, and helpful. Stayed late, came in early, and if she saw big breaking news happening at home, called in to volunteer to help. Can't help but think these disparraging remarks come only from one or two people who keep changing their names. Don't let it bother you Angela. Some people just aren't happy unless they're talking lies about someone else,
Posted by Past 40 Manager on 2.8.08 at 12:41
Polito was not only the best reporter at that station, but one of their ONLY reporters. Gormally is driving that ship into the ground fast and the staff is hard pressed to stop it except for hyping a mediocre morning show ad nauseum. There were a litany of reasons he wanted Polito out and he embellished the termination letter to build support so he could get away with it. Angela was used in the process. Any comments about abuse or Polito threatening her are bogus.
Posted by 40 is Doomed on 2.8.08 at 13:09
Polito get a job and stop lurking,.,.,I guess two months out of a job should be a hint to look at your own problems. You are definitely not the "only" reporter....
Posted by What a joke on 2.8.08 at 14:35
The Valley Advocate: Comic-book journalism at its best. I still think the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles beat them out. Way to go M. Turner to keep the yellow-journalism flame alive in the Valley. Write first, interview later. Polito is a pathetic piece of scum and cannot be trusted in any way.
Posted by Ann on 2.8.08 at 18:17
When that guy came on air, I changed the channel. What a waste of humanity!! We need better in Western Mass.
Posted by John McGinnes on 2.8.08 at 18:19
I've been fortunate to get to know Jim Polito through a mutual friend. None of us except him and Ms. Pratt know what actually happened when they spoke. I believe Jim's explanation but I am of course biased. But, I do know that John Gormally is ruining that station and that he fired one of the best reporters without a good cause. There are also other people there who do a good job. Jim will be the first to say that. He's still fighting behind the scenes to help them. I know that Jim's friends warned him that his unselfish defense of the Union and those who were fired before him would ultimately lead to his demise at the hands of John Gormally. For those who claim he's washed up because he doesn't have a job yet don't know that he's preparing to have knee surgery and can't get a full time job until he recovers.
Posted by Frank Walther on 2.8.08 at 18:57
Can everyone please stop making this a man vs woman issue? As ANYONE who ever worked with Angela will attest to, the fact that she is a terrible employee is without question. She was constantly in trouble, a poor work record at best, spent almost a decade as a part time employee, as person after person passed her by for a full time position. And for the love of god, can you please stop posting fake positive things about yourself Angela? It's simply pathetic.
Posted by Truth Telling on 2.8.08 at 20:43
Let me make this simple: you people just don't get it! I only fired Polito as a means of busting the union. Scared employees are better employees, everyone knows that! It wasn't personal, it was just business. This is America and I can do whatever I want!
Posted by J Gormally on 2.8.08 at 20:48
Polito got fired for being abusive, swearing at his co-workers, threating fellow union employees, threatening his managers, harrassing women, you name it. This guy is TOTAL SCUM and deserves to never work in this market again (employers take notice and check this dirtbag out). Remember Ted Bundy? The story that needs to be written here is about the female interns Polito made feel uncomfortable. They are out there. That will be the next story. It will all come out in the wash. All dirt comes out, eventually and Polito is dirt.
Posted by Father Sarducci on 2.8.08 at 21:25
Oh My God! That's all I could say besides the occasional giggle while reading through all of the comments. The man/woman thing really does have to stop (those caused the most giggles.) They are ridiculous and unfounded. And you really do sound like a cry-baby. I'm sorry to sound childish but it was the only term that kept coming to mind. As a former employee, I'm crushed to hear my old station falling apart as much as it is. Unfortunately, the management has been horrendous for years. They couldn't make a sensible decision if they're lives depended on it. But it was a good station to work at because of the people. Jim Polito being one of them. Does he swear and use profane language? Of course, anyone who has met him knows that he is not a quiet man. Is he the big bad wolf? No. He can be a bit of a putz sometimes, especially while anchoring but he's not that bad of a guy. Is 40 randomly firing individuals without a reason? No. They (Gormally) are firing individuals that are involved with the union. They are not new employees that were hired right before the station was bought, they are employees that decided to stay despite everything and try to make a niche at a local television station. Why aren't they speaking up? Because they don't have a name that people know, like Jim Polito. They are the every day workers that do what they can to scrape by. Not to mention there may be a few that have impending litigations that do not allow them to talk to the press. There has been a lot of name calling throughout these comments. All absolutely hysterical, by the way. Ted Bundy was my favorite. But the one that made me stop. The one that I think really shows Angela's true character was "Guppy." You probably missed it. If you did it's the message from 2.8.08 at 5.11 from "Anonymous." It says and I quote. "What's the matter, Guppy? Still pissed she wouldn't have you?" Guppy is the nickname of a former employee. It is not a name that he liked and I would bet a decent amount of money that "Anonymous" is Angela. She had no problem calling him that to his face on numerous occasions and she was under the constant assumption that every man in the place wanted her. I have no doubt she is eating this all up. To all my 40 family, hang in there. I know it's not fun doing a 12p live news show with one camera and no prompter. With the rate people are leaving and the decisions being made by Gormally (ie. selling the tower on the mountain to get extra cash, just to have to rent it back in the end) I fear that my alma mater is going to crumble in on itself.
Posted by Former female 40 employee on 2.9.08 at 2:51
Why does Jim Polito say at the end of the article he wants his job back? Why dont the other people just leave? Seriously why are you people staying ??? There are other jobs. Stop torturing yourselves .
Posted by confused on 2.9.08 at 9:33
wow, I just read throught all these comments and feel like this polita person needs to move on. Who would write an article about a guy fired two months ago, and still can't get a job? The posts about his inappropriate behavior at work are upsetting to all women in the workplace. How can someone like this not be sued or yet thrown in jail? Maybe the police will be knocking on his door soon!
Posted by Rebecca Mcdonald on 2.9.08 at 14:06
Jackie Collins must be a pseudonym for Amanda McKinstrey!!! Polito is the best reporter with the best reputation in this area, and if you paid attention to the news at all, you would know that. Even if you can't admit it, you know it's true.
Posted by Tory Girl on 2.9.08 at 16:35
For the Advocate to have printed the name of a women being harrassed by a co-worker is the lowest of lows. What did she do to deserve this notority. The Courant would never have let this happen. Polito, on the other hand, everyone knows is a fat has-been. Move on you thug. Every women in Northampton should be revolted by what the Advocate did. How can you sleep at night Mo Turner?
Posted by Theresa Conner on 2.9.08 at 17:57
I've known Jim for decades. We both work in the TV news business and during times in the past when I asked him what it was like working for Sinclair he always made it a point to take great pains to be scrupulously even-handed in his comments. He's a smart, conscientious guy. I cannot help but think that the accusations made in this article are completely facetious.
Posted by J on 2.9.08 at 18:34
I have to hand it to the handful of Northampton lunatics and Angela Pratt - you have thought of some great female names and nice job figuring out the access code each time! BUT MY FAVORITE WAS "Past 40 Manager" - Do me a favor, if you are indeed a real person, put your real name down because until you do that, it's garbage. Angela - It's not about you. It's a shame your name was used in the article, but honestly, you aren't the story. Polito was investigating Gormally on a story. Gormally knew this. Gormally was giving money to a corrupt campaign and there's more to the story that will eventually come out. Tha name-calling and stupid comparisions to Ted Bundy (that poster should be given an award for stupidity) doesn't blur the facts. You are all just a bunch of faceless idiots who could be just one person. Angela, again - it's not about you. The sad thing is your career at 40 has been peppered by mediocre work, sexual harassment to men and bad language. You're a hypocrite for going into that office. Additionally, IF one of these females is real and they really believe that a woman was abused, that is the greatest tragedy. There are real woman who are abused everyday whether it be of the verbal or physical nature. Thanks for making a mockery of a serious problem.
Posted by Insert Fake Female Name on 2.10.08 at 7:54
I see alot of fur flying,and very little reality going on here but the one comment from J. Gormally,I presume to be the owner himself,that fired the man.Bottom line,people's feelings get hurt and their pride gets bruised all the time,but money is God in America.I think it is a safe bet regardless of anyone's opinions on either party involved in the bickering, back and forth that John Gormally was intent on preserving his investment.Union busting sounds like the most probable cause of a firing to me,in an age of unions,and a right to work state,if someone gets fired it's over money one way or the other.It does strike me, however,an investigative journalist is a very different kind of journalist from the ones that report on fires,and fluff pieces like county fairs.I don't think this reporter obtained information on politicians,and boasts his investigative qualities by being shy.You would have to be fairly bold to accomplish something in investigative reporting.Likely to an extent most of us would be gaping mouthed at the nerve of.Is it really such a stretch to using the same nerve and high pressure tactics for personal politics?It's been my experience journalism is the powerful force it is not because it presents opinions and facts but because it presents questions with opinions and fact.So I wanted to contribute questions to this thread instead of my opinion.If the woman is so undesirable as an employee,why is she not the one canned for convenience sake over a highly valued reporter?Let's face it,assistants are more replacable than talent,in the real world. Unless the talent is a monkeywrench.I followed the Goyette trial and I am inclined to believe his work had merit, but the reality is the very thing that made him such an effective reporter probably makes him a very aggressive guy.I am also inclined to believe does this simple assistant not have a great deal more to fear from the publicity?One may be a familair face or name and endure scandal not only with impugnity but greater heights of glory.Can the same be said for this assistant,without even the public eye for defense should the same company that is on a firing spree under new management decide she is too much fanfare to be an asset?I don't think so.COUld THAT be the reason behind her lack of a comment?Is invisibility her best defense against being labelled for reporting a genuine incident that left her already intimidated,perhaps?I entered into the thread with an open mind,but realistically,I just can't see where in day to day living in a money is King society this played out with the reporter innocent,and the supposedly useless assistant retained for employment,while the reporter was let go. I think if the owner had a justifiable incident of sexual harassment to defend his own actions with he'd be inclined to get behind that,to further protect himself .I don't see that here.I see alot of flying feathers,but the only fried chicken was the comment from the owner.Forgive my capitalist opinion,but..the only valid argument here has been form the GUY with the MONEY!
Posted by Realistic on 2.10.08 at 8:29
The above rambling post included a statement that was quite disturbing. "Realistic" believes the woman's story is more credible because an investigative reporter has to be aggressive to do their job. "Realistic" believes that spills over into other aspects of their professional and personal life. Kristen Gilbert's lawyer could have used that as a defense in her serial killing trial. Since she's a nurse and cares for people she'd be less likely to kill anyone.
Posted by Unrealistic on 2.10.08 at 8:55
To Realistic, you are a fine writer but you are hardly realistic. The guy with the money was a joke. Someone, probably from 40 wrote it as a joke. It is obvious after reading your passage you have no sense of humor so I can understand the confusion. But you are also unrealistic about parts of the situation. Why would you fire a lapdog assistant that makes $20,000 a year, when you can get rid of a pesky investigative reporter that makes probably 3 times that. As you said it's in the money.
Posted by Be Realistic on 2.10.08 at 9:02
Realistic.......I agree with the above have no sense of humor and clearly did not get point of that jokey email. Do you REALLY think that the ownder of a tv station would go on here and tell u and all of us his plans? As far as his screen name goes, I can list myself as T. Kennedy.....would you think that was the real senator?
Posted by Wow! Realistic R U 4 Real? on 2.10.08 at 9:42
It's true that Angela is not the real story here. However, this forum is doing it's best to make sure she is. That being said - Let's take a look at something directly from the article - - - "While Gormally, according to Polito, never named the employee or showed him the letter, the reporter assumed it was Angela Pratt, a production assistant at the station, with whom he'd had a conversation about union matters in the station's parking lot the week before." If this had been a simple conversation, why jump to the conclusion that it was her? To me this says, he knew he behaved innappropriatley with her. I know her, I worked closely with her. She trained me. It's true she called that other employee "Guppy" to his face but, so did everyone else. Yes, that includes Mr. Polito. Is she a perfect employee? No, but she's far from the worst. Mr. Polito was not a perfect employee either. Let me repeat what other's have said, Mo Turner was only able to interview Mr. Polito, therefore ge was quite able to tell his side of things with his own spin and not be rebutted. He is in the proverbial Cat-Bird seat in this story. Jim - you have done wonderful things in the past, the most of which is your continued work with the Bishes, for which we all applaud you. I have nothing but respect for you, but it's time to let it go. Why dwell on it, it can only be making you crazy. Angela - Keep the faith, I know you tend to have a guilty conscious, but those of us who ACTUALLY know you are laughing about how wrong these posts are. We won't let it change our minds about you. Don't let it get under your skin. It'll all blow over eventually.
Posted by T. Kennedey on 2.10.08 at 11:06
I am reading throught these comments and one from a J on feb 9 jumped out at me. First of all the article was instigated by Mr. P himself. He turned over personal documents to Mo and continued to call there constantly to get some press. Personally I think it backfired, showing how unprofessional he is. I don't know how or why he would want his job back, women in the office do not like him. I have heard there are several written comments about his behavior toward women.
Posted by What a joke on 2.10.08 at 11:17
After reading these statements and based on my background I think he suffers from mental illness.
Posted by Summer Zussi on 2.10.08 at 11:26
Polito, don't be discouraged by the crap that's been posted here. Especially the haters or the wannabee Sherlock Homes who have tried to deduce the truth by one simple article. Also, you should not let it go as some have said here. Prove you're right! Too many people give up in situations like yours.
Posted by Don't give up on 2.10.08 at 11:48
This is shameful. Summer Zussi posts that Polito has mental illness, how insensitive, did you know his elderly mother suffers from mental illness? Then What a joke says there are other written complaints about the way he treats women. How do you know that? Have you read them, do you work in the human resources department at channel 40? Then earlier someone claimed Polito harassed interns. This I know for a fact is not true because I am a former intern. Jim was the most popular reporter among interns and we all would try to go out on the road with him because he cared about helping us and answering our questions. Every intern would enjoy that Jim would give them a nick-name at the beginning of each semester. I will not reveal mine because I don't need someone at 40 attacking my character. Before I even took my nternship others at school told me to seek out Polito because he was the best. Thanks to Jim's help and reference I got a job right out of college.As for the woman Angela I can say nothing, and neither should anyone else.
Posted by Enough!!! on 2.10.08 at 12:06
Enough, sorry to here your mother has mental illness, that is an awful thing to deal with. I think you need to take care of yourself and family, you obviously have alot going on. I hope it is not affecting you? Maybe you need some help too? I am in the book if you want some conseling. Summer
Posted by summer zussi on 2.10.08 at 12:17
Actually I have a great sense of humor.What I am is rational and objective.I do not sense objectivity in your responses.they're heated and overly emotional to the situation.This is not a woman drowning her children in a bathtub kind of issue.It's a fairly inconsequential local point of interest,with significant futuristic potential perhaps at a stretch.Something the vigilant underdog watchdog crowd like myself keeps an eye on,but it holds minimal effects on anyone,but the involved parties.In reply,maybe John Gormally has nothing better to do.Maybe he does,and did as I would do in his shoes.Defend an innocent person in his employ, for their sake,in simple good character.we grow few in this day and age in America,but there are those among us that still believe reputation is everything,and unjust marks against anyone's should not be taken lightly.Real or invented,I still find it a far more credible explanation he was fired in an endeavor of union busting by the management,or some matter undiscussed entirely,inappropriate for comment.I think be realistic was dead on about something,though.PESKY reporter may fit just fine.Why was he fired?Perhaps because he WAS a pest.I know how often I've screwed up at some of my jobs,and retained my employment on simple good favor and popularity.I also know how many people did their's with excellent skill and attention,and still got the first lay off slip or fired because noone liked to work with them,or more importantly,they had stepped on the boss' toes,prior.Popularity doesn't count for squat if you step on the wrong feet once,either.But if you don't like conjecture,let's stick with what I know.I know employers are motivated by the bottom line.Clearly,for whatever reason,John Gormally,signed on here or not,did feel in some capacity his business potential was being damaged by this reporter,and at worst the assistant was doing her job with at least adequate competence or performed some other qualification that merited retaining her as an employee.When the feathers lie still the assistant is collecting a paycheck this Friday,from channel 40,and the reporter is not.Assuming they get payed on Fridays.I suppose there is a only a twenty percent chance they do.One hundred percent is the fact that Employers retain the employees that are making them money,or saving them money,or ultimately protecting their interests in some way.Employers of companies requiring talent will cut corners everywhere else as a matter of pure survival to retain their best talent.If talent is what you sell,or use to sell what you sell,than that is your first priority in business.If this guy was such a stellar reporter,how was it he was expendable? Especially considering the ranking of channel forty in the scheme of things which if I am not mistaken,despite being my preference for a news station,I believe channel forty fell in the ranking UNDERNEATH their competitor of channel 22,more notorious for the less dignified reporting of the BLOOD AND GUTS angle of car accidents and fire footage,etc,(though I confess the dating on that information precedes Sinclair selling the station to Gormally).If he was that magnificent,the owner would have had to fear him going over to the competition.who I note did not jump at the chance to obtain him following his firing,I believe he is on a radio station as their news voice in now.I have to wonder what kind of insider information might have passed around their industry that he had to find a new niche.Could it be there is truth in the comments about his innapropriate behavior?Perhaps there is some redemption in the fact that he is working at all.Could it be he relied on old contacts for revenge in his firing,and hope for his future.Innapropriate or not it must be said he is working instead of siphoning vital funds from welfare or unemployment,and he belonged in an article on being fired because he was employed,and not illegally residing in a nation unwelcoming to his presence. Prior to his firing he payed taxes,and continues to do so as does the assistant,and the owner may loophole most of his but let's not lose sight of the jobs he provided to keep them both working,and continues to provide for an entire station of employees.Would I believe you were Ted Kennedy?No.I'm certain Ted Kennedy with all HIS money has better things to do than read the advocate or entertain free grass roots politics.His kind of politics has to have six figures attached bare minimum,to warrant his attention.I would imagine John Gormally spends his life tending the gardens of business he has already endeavored,to secure their continued success,or necessary stasis to fund his other endeavors,and occasionally finds himself with random moments of not idle time but a nagging WAITING he might fill with a half attentive comment to provide clarity ,perhaps in defense of nothing but his MONEY.Maybe all his employees are wasting HIS station's time READING it.I know if it happened to someone I worked with,I'D be mildly interested enough to follow it.Unrealistic?His PERSONAL life?Am I incorrect in surmising he was EMPLOYED with this assistant therefore defining his relationship with her as PROFFESSIONAL?Union comments being made being a PROFFESSIONAL endeavor.I would assume this guy did not go home and kiss his union steward,then come in and work with his wife,or husband,or cat,or whatever he has to come home to.Union business is a proffessional comment,and he was obviously therefore acting in a proffessional manner. Where did you get PERSONAL out of that?I said nothing about the man's personal life.Maybe he spends his entire personal life doting on a sick dying mother,knowing he'll inherit only a ball point pen,and a poodle he doesn't want. Maybe he's why we have Police,personally.Noone knows from these articles,and they shouldn''s not about his personal life.The article was about the questionable circumstances of a firing.The proffessional aspect of several people employed or owning channel forty.PERSONAL was the inapplicable and inEXPLICABLE need you felt to insult a perfect stranger you have never met,with wild presumptions,over a news article that appeared in a free local newspaper,based on a post I made,in MY annoying moments of delay,today.Perhaps YOU commented as a joke,because if you wish your opinions to be taken seriously your'e going to have to be a little more mature in expressing closing stop demeaning assistants by calling them lapdogs.our economy would crash to a screeching halt and result in a market crash if they all refused to go to work for one week.HAHA!HERE'S my sense of humor.Or got FIRED all at once!
Posted by Realistic on 2.10.08 at 12:18
We all feel sorry for you polito, I gues collecting unemployment is hard. The above post is yourself and the ten people that read this agree. I can't believe your harrassmnet of women has taken this long to come out.
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.10.08 at 12:59
We all feel sorry for you polito, I gues collecting unemployment is hard. The above post is yourself and the ten people that read this agree. I can't believe your harrassmnet of women has taken this long to come out.
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.10.08 at 12:59
We all feel sorry for you polito, I gues collecting unemployment is hard. The above post is yourself and the ten people that read this agree. I can't believe your harrassmnet of women has taken this long to come out.
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.10.08 at 13:00
We all feel sorry for you polito, I gues collecting unemployment is hard. The above post is yourself and the ten people that read this agree. I can't believe your harrassmnet of women has taken this long to come out.
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.10.08 at 13:00
Sorry about the extra posts!!! Pee Poo
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.10.08 at 13:29
i think anyone who doesn't know polito or angela should keep all your comments to yourself. you obviously don't know much of what's going on.
Posted by 40 employee on 2.10.08 at 14:38
I just wanted to post a quick comment about my experience with Mr. Jim Polito as a summer intern. He was awesome, hands down he was the best teacher that i have ever had. I absorbed more in that two month period about broadcasting than i could have ever in my four year college career. He is a wonderful person in general, and was always keeping the newsroom in stiches with his jokes and stories. On a more serious note, Jim's hard work and dedication to his career were projected on a daily basis and were prominent in the quality of his productions. I had a fantastic experience with him and I just wanted to take the time to thank him publicly. It is a shame that all of this has happened, I am not sure that the station knows what they have lost, but I am certain that he will be missed around the newsroom for a million defferent reasons.
Posted by spunky on 2.10.08 at 14:51
Potolo, or is it pot hole ...get a life. To waste your time saying interns have any interest is a joke. All you did was sit in the corner and "pertend" to do research.....not one intern will post their real name because they are afraid of you. I hope the women in noho are carerful of where they go because this guy is nuts...
Posted by Quick post on 2.10.08 at 15:07
Sorry to offend. You seem to be a perfectly rational individual, despite the fact that your rambling messages make me feel like I need to catch my breath afterwards. I am saying this just for advice. You need to really put spaces after your puncutations, the writng makes you appear "kinda crazy." Another small rebuttal...I called her a lapdog because that is what she is. She has been kissing the right derriers since day one. Assistants are always valuable, there is no argument with that but you fail to recognize that people are all different. You seem to have a flourishing imagination, (unless you are Mr. Gormally himself then I would say good luck with your mother and get rid of the poodle they can be mean dogs) why can't you imagine a brown nosing employee that likes to create controversies? I was a former employee and have seen her on many occasions sit on male co-workers laps, stroke their hair, and make them feel all around uncomfortable. She was not fired because unlike her everyone sucked it up and dealt with it. Some told her to stop and others just avoided her. THEY (if I could borrow your love of caps for a moment) didn't want to get a fellow employee fired despite her annoying qualities. The one thing I agree with you about is it is definitely about the money and union. I think this whole thing with the complaint was just a good excuse. It became about the complaint when some crazy women decided in these posts to make it the main issue. They are the ones that have blown this all out of proportion. Everytime I read one of the crazy posts I feel a little queasy. I am a woman who has worked in the News business for 10 years and have never felt victimized. You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. And to Summer...I wouldn't advise anyone to seek your psychiatric advice if you can't even read and understand a post. The post was that "his mother suffers from mental illness" not the person who posted it. If you are trying to be sly and read between the lines by assuming that the poster was Mr. Polito than my apologies, just word your response a little better. Please keep the posts coming though because they really are a great form of entertainment.
Posted by Sorry Realistic on 2.10.08 at 15:55
This is what I don't understand in all of this - noone is looking at the real issue here: Gormally is running that place into the ground and his behavior is erratic and frankly scary. I know employees there who literally come to work every day afraid that they are going to be fired if they look at Gormally the wrong way. Further, look at the facts, this is so obviously not about this one alleged incident between Jim and a female employee, it's about a Manager with a dangerous ego who not suprisingly does not want any Union or any other strong personality like Jim Polito for that matter threatening his little 'kingdom'. Dig deeper. There have been a lot of people fired there for assorted reasons, one notably who was dismissed because Gormally wanted his friend to take the position. As they say 'karma is a bitch' and Gormally is so busy staving off his insecurity and lack of knowledge of what the hell he is doing that the station is crumbling. He has created an environment of fear and insanity and in the end he will be the one who regrets his actions or maybe not, men or women with an ego that big rarely take the time to reflect on their actions. I worked at Channel 40 and being a woman in a news environment I can tell you that it's tough - any woman in a news environment will tell you that you have to deal with jokes that take it a bit too far and way too many liberties with comments about the female race. Channel 40 is just like any other station in that regard and that's an unfortunate fact. I will tell you though when I was a new employee at the station one of the few people who helped me feel comfortable was Jim Polito. I read people pretty well and I have worked in the media a long time. Jim is just a good person and that's a fact. His jokes were colorful but never degrading toward women and believe me, as a strong woman who is very vocal against the 'old boy's club' mentality I would be the first one to say if he was offensive. Jim has a heart of gold, pure and simple. I became friends with many of the other employees there, many of them attractive females, and we held Jim in such a high regard - in fact, he was someone that was just a good friend and a good person and being a strong woman, I would NEVER advocate for anyone who was less than that. The other thing about him is that he has respect for everybody - in his mind there was no strata of who deserved his friendliness or time - he was just as nice to the production assistant as his fellow reporter and that is saying A LOT, especially in the news business. I can talk about a number of times when people like Kathy Tobin, Scott Coen, and especially Dave Madsen acted like they were better than everyone else, flexing an arrogant attitude and reminding everyone how 'important' they were (aren't we so impressed by your Springfield connections - oooo!!) and Jim, one of their most high profile reporters NEVER acted this way. Jim is going to be fine - it's very telling that he could easily screw a lot of people over right now with these union negotiations and he doesn't want to do that because of his friends that still work there. I think that says a lot. Jim, you are a great person, and you know that what is right always comes out in the end. And also, Angela, as someone commented, this is not all about you and you don't deserve to get so much heat as Gormally is the puppetmaster here, just don't be the puppet.
Posted by Female who worked at Channel 40 on 2.10.08 at 16:32
Finally!! Sensiblity rears it's beautiful head. Thank you very much FWWAC40. (sorry it was way too long)
Posted by Yaaaaayyyy!! to Female who worked at Ch 40 on 2.10.08 at 16:56
To 40 employee.Do you need a drug intervention?This is an ADVOCATE comment forum.A PUBLIC forum about a publicly distributed news article,about a firing,that is being brought before the labor relations board.Making it public interest of an issue,(Why I read the article,and posted the comments I did),not a place to dish your co workers.The thing that tweaks my gears in this now is,supposedly most of these comments are from people that work for the news,and noone has latched onto the basic truth that there is the possibility for dangerous precedents to be set by this, both on labor laws,worker's laws,and possibly first amendment rights,as well as gender politics in our courts and the workplace in the future.I believe that is why the Advocate bothered to print the article.Perhaps it was some old personal loyalties.the media forms contacts with one another across the board,(Radio newspaper and television all share information,and know one another),But I would not deign to accuse M. Turner of ulterior motives in publishing this article.that's just paranoid.It was a good article,and it MERITED further thought and discussion.Still does,or I'd be playing popcap games,instead.I'll say this much.from an objective viewpoint,he said he wasn't shocked when he found out he was getting fired.I know the only time I got fired and wasn't shocked was because I knew I had really screwed up just prior to being fired.Yet,now he is suddenly seeking a reason why he was fired,when he said himself he expected it?Also,if you were fired would you presume to know which conversation you had in any specific random place you were every day was the cause of your firing?I wouldn't.Unless I did what I was accused of while I was there and knew I was in the stew for it.If it seems magnanimous as it was meant to that this reporter wants his previous place of employment to succeed in his absence,maybe it is.Maybe he has genuine goodwill for old frineds..or MAYBE he realizes that if he WINS or most likely SETTLES this as a lawsuit claim,he will make a whole lot more if the station is doing WELL.I'd be interested to hear HER side in this,and give that an equally open minded glimpse.I generally tend to side with the underdog in everything,but that article just feels like the reporter's answers and accusations BOTH have underlying guilt,political ploys,and most importantly REVENGE written all over it.Why was this assistant's name even used in a public forum,like this, when she was not even charged with anything at all,save being a victim of an incident of some kind at work,disputed as to it's nature,and slandered all over this comment page as a lapdog,and trash,and some other less than choice verbiage.Has it occured to anyone that he's still mad she spurned his advances and this was his vengeance to perpetuate his being pushy and aggressive from a distance,like she still can't escape his will,or perhaps a parting shot for a previous disagreement?If it wasn't personal pettiness,what was the point of using her name?Where did they get it,if not from him in the interview?Upon second perusal of the article the owner denied outright unions had anything to do with the reasons he was fired,and they were MANY.Expectable from a man in his position to claim many reasons to let someone go,but he was within his legal rights to fire whomever he pleased,and the union,according to the journalist that wrote the article, was not in a position to be able to make that actionable. If that is true why would the owner bother to respond just to lie,when he also had the opportunity to remain silent.I'm inclined to believe regardless of his motivations,he wouldn't dare state it so plainly when it will be impeachable all too soon,unless it was easily proven true.I agree with all those at 40 that wrote in to say they believed it was a personal grievance between Gormally and Polito.It was,and it was best handled,in my opinion,privately,but the bottom line is,it hasn't been.It's been handed over to an oversight board of labor to hash over,and the outcome of that action could possibly still be affecting our great grandchildren's grandchildren.How many of us have found our personal styles,religions,choice of speech,and even life choices stifled by workplace policy already?More lawsuits and investigations means more policies.We have removed the government from stifling our freedoms and instead supplanted that control to the workplace by power of the courts I.E. the GOVERNMENT.I'm keenly interested to see where this goes,DESPITE NOT knowing your company cohorts,petty and lofty intellectuals both.There's larger issues at stake here,and the local news department has nothing to say but personal and often purely adolescent comments.What happened to your journalistic zeal?Why did you go into the news if you weren't interested IN the news?Because the government is usurping our rights by a new route,completely unchecked,while many of you seem to be more preoccupied with internal squabbles than news,and recently departed members possibly even contributing to that in an act of vendetta.So Fell Rome.And in this context i LIVE in Rome..So I AM involved.
Posted by Realistic on 2.10.08 at 17:16
Realistic, You write well. But, learn how to create paragraphs. It's simple. Hit the enter button. See? Love, Amanda McKinstry
Posted by Paragraphs! on 2.11.08 at 5:52
Amanda McKinstry = John Gormally Mary Ellen Ford = John Gormally Bill Martinthal = John Gormally John McGinnes = John Gormally Morgan Mary = John Gormally Check the public records online, these people don't exist. Gormally is attempting to show public support for his actions. In his mind, the ends justify the means. How can Gormally have community support when he is the author of the above postings and public records demonstrate that these people don't exist?
Posted by Will the real John Gormally please stand up? on 2.11.08 at 8:34
It would be mindblowing to do an IP address search on the 83 comments above - hard to believe that Angela and Mr. Gormally wouldn't show up on some of these ridiculous names.
Posted by IP Address Investigation on 2.11.08 at 8:41
This debate illustrates just how inept ch 40 is. How can you give us the news when you dont know whats going on under your own roof. This jr high school mentality has convinced me to watch 22 or 3 forever and never turning your station on at all.
Posted by immaturity on 2.11.08 at 8:55
I am definitely not John gormally. This is my screen name Politos "investigation" is a sad attempt by a very bitter person. Get a job and stop "lurking". What would be interesting is your IP address. HUMMMMMM
Posted by morganmary on 2.11.08 at 9:12
Oh, there goes Polito again..."Immaturity" you sound very jealous of all the positve energy coming from 40. talk about making things up, you are soooo sad
Posted by morganmary on 2.11.08 at 9:14
Wow you people really need help. Psychiatric help.
Posted by immaturity on 2.11.08 at 9:23
You could always admit yourself it you really need that much help. why is it you can express your thoughts and others can not?? Have to go...have fun talking to yourself...
Posted by morganmary on 2.11.08 at 9:30
Hooray. MoronMary has found her way to this article and continues her weird obsession with Polito. My favorite line is...Stop "lurking"! You are telling him to stop lurking, yet you are all over MassLive AND now here making claims that he has multiple screen names and should move on. Do us a favor. Put your real name on your comments and then maybe someone will take you seriously. Until then, you are just another fake name that's probably Gormally or Angela.
Posted by MoronMary on 2.11.08 at 9:38
With the exception of that one post above, Angela is not posting here; its Gormally. This is John Gormally! Its painful for him at this point because his cover is blown, and many are now realizing it. John, say what you want, but many neutral people are going to understand this is the REAL you.
Posted by Will the real John Gormally please stand up? on 2.11.08 at 9:47
Gormally assumed no one would check the fake names here. I didn't see one of Polito's supporters post under a fake name. This is Gormally. Polito never impressed me much (sorry Jim) but I also never gave him a chance either. Gormally impresses me as a monster after seeing all these posts under fake names. Amanda McKinstry = John Gormally Mary Ellen Ford = John Gormally Bill Martinthal = John Gormally John McGinnes = John Gormally Morgan Mary = John Gormally These people that supported Gormally have no public records in Massachusetts (or New England). Don't take my word for it, check for yourself.
Posted by Will the real John Gormally please stand up? on 2.11.08 at 9:56
I think the Valley Advocate should add a new category for its best of 2008 poll. I propose they add " MOST UNPROFESSIONAL TELEVISION STATION" I believe ch 40 truly deserves this distinction . Whether its unprofessional behavior from upper management in trying to crush a union. Or whether its a staff that is attacking each other like rabid pirahnas , ABC 40 is your home for live local and unbelievably childish behavior. Please continue this feeding frenzy of stupidity ,name calling, and all around unprofessional conduct. ABC 40 you are truly showing us what you truly are, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL
Posted by immature on 2.11.08 at 10:20
Amanda McKinstry, Mary Ellen Ford, Bill Martinthal, John McGinnes, Morgan Mary cannot show community support for Gormally because they don't exist. There all fake names! Don't you see? Shouldn't his advertisers know what Gormally is doing? Let them decide. Ladies and Gentlemen, vote with your dollars!
Posted by Time to Vote ($$$) on 2.11.08 at 10:21
Amanda McKinstry = Doesn't Exist (Defends John Gormally) Mary Ellen Ford = Doesn't Exist (Defends John Gormally) Bill Martinthal = Doesn't Exist (Defends John Gormally) John McGinnes = Doesn't Exist (Defends John Gormally) Morgan Mary = Doesn't Exist (Defends John Gormally) I checked and none of these Gormally supporters exist. Has he always been this way or is he going crazy? Either choice you make it appears he is a dishonest business person!
Posted by Oh my God its TRUE on 2.11.08 at 10:41
Wow you really need a life! And a job. But after two months no one is must be nervous? Your comment about.... "There all fake names don't you see" YOU ARE DEFINITELY BI POLAR. At least he has advertisers, you have nothing.
Posted by Pee Poo on 2.11.08 at 10:49
Question for the community: has John Gormally always been this dishonest or is this something new? Gormally uses fake names to prove his points. Is this a guy the community should support with their advertising dollars??!!
Posted by question for the community on 2.11.08 at 11:05
Hey knucklehead, email this website blog to Gormally's advertisers and let them decide. Otherwise, get a life, job, viagra, etc. Take me out to the ball park...
Posted by Red Sox Rule on 2.11.08 at 11:10
This isn't about Angela, so we should leave her out of this. How embarrassing for Gormally that you guys to blew his cover (fake names et al). Shame on all of you. Perhaps you should give him a break or he is likely to have a nervous breakdown. Its lent; and, after all, John Gormally had aspirations of becoming a priest when he was young boy. Honest kid, good wrestler, now full-blown liar. Life is strange, isn't?
Posted by please leave Angela out of this on 2.11.08 at 11:36
"There all fake names don't you see" YOU ARE DEFINITELY BI POLAR. At least he has advertisers, you have nothing. Posted by Pee Poo on 2.11.08 at 10.49 That's not true Gormally, I mean Pee Poo. He may have BIPOLAR and you now have a reputation in the business community for lying. Gormally, posting fake name's here doesn't prove your point but it does prove to your advertisers that you are a liar.
Posted by Gormally Wrong Again on 2.11.08 at 11:58
I can see it all starting to crumble now.
Posted by No where but DOWN! on 2.11.08 at 16:17
Getting fired from a job can be traumatic. The strong move on and get past it, the weak obsess and make excuses. It is clear this individual is in denial. I thought the post about this guy cleaning out his desk, understanding that he had crossed the line with harassing others at work in anticipation of his "pending termination," was telling. He knew it was coming because of his corrosive behavior towards others and now is attempting to cast himself as the VICTUM. WOW!!! We all have a lot to learn about the mentally ill, don't we. They are always the last to know. If anybody is a friend of this person, he needs help. Please bring him to a professional psychotherapist. In the meantime, if you are looking for a cheap hotel, look me up.
Posted by James T. Kirk on 2.11.08 at 18:37
The problem that I have John Gormally is not his firing of Polito but how he will do anything to destroy Polito. The previous posting that accuses Polito of physical and verbal abuse of women in the workplace were all posted by John Gormally. Gormally posted here under different pseudonyms and then used the various pseudonyms to illustrate the community support with John Gormally over Polito. John Gormally has a difficult time keeping his emotions in check. So the irrational posts as well as the logical posts in this forum and on masslive against Polito were all posted by Gormally, and this is something he doesn?t want you to know. Gormally has a right to terminate employment and to defend himself here and on masslive as well. Gormally does not have the right to suggest the police will come looking for Polito for abusing women. I also think it tarnishes John Gormally?s creditability and reputation in the community to post under fake names in order to give the community the impression that everyone sympathizes with Gormally. Some sympathize with Gormally, and some sympathize with Polito. Do the ends justify the means? Only you, John Gormally, can answer that question. If Gormally will do anything to destroy Polito, what will he do to others he opposes or simply disagrees with? Tobin, Madsen, even little Angela are not as safe as they think they are. No one is safe as long as Gormally is free to do what he wants without the consequences of his decisions.
Posted by Red Sox Rule on 2.12.08 at 4:01
SEE: Posted by James T. Kirk on 2.11.08 at 18.37 Its interesting that Gormally has now changed his tactics from galvanizing community (and therefore advertising) to attacking Jim as mentally ill. Mr. Gormally, who are these people: Amanda McKinstry Mary Ellen Ford Bill Martinthal John McGinnes Morgan Mary Public records demonstrate none of these people exist in Massachusetts. See, folks, and now he wants to talk about mental illness.
Posted by Jim Supporter on 2.12.08 at 4:15
The previous poster is James Polito. He seems to be feeling the heat from his conduct and his reckless regard for his co-workers. Way to go Jimbo. Keep on lowering the bar.
Posted by Go Yankees on 2.12.08 at 4:19
Posted by Go Yankees on 2.12.08 at 4.19 Let Jim express his own outlook. That post was mine.
Posted by That wasn't Jim; it was me you douce on 2.12.08 at 4:25
We should email this blog to advertisers in the pioneer valley and let them decide. I'm sure they will side with Gormally with their advertisements!
Posted by morganmary on 2.12.08 at 4:30
MorganMary, Do you realize you are borderline stalking Polito? Do you realize if Polito got a court order he could pull the IP address on every MassLive and post above that you have written? For the millionth time, until you write your real name, everyone on here will chalk you up to another fake name created by Gormally or Angela. Additionally, why are you so consumed by this? Do you work at 40? Did you work with Polito or Gormally? You said your peace and have made it clear you don't like what Polito is doing. Move on, just as you have told Polito to do.
Posted by MoronMary on 2.12.08 at 5:28
Jim, no one is safe at 40, and that means many more will leave as honest John Gormally (that's his real name, not the fake ones posted above) will seek to destroy them as he's tried to destroy you. Angela will not last, and neither will many of the others. So you will get some peace of mind in knowing that you were right all along and Gormally is now exposed for the man he really is. Someday those who were fired will acknowledge you were right, and that they were only trying to keeps their jobs.
Posted by The Boogie Man on 2.12.08 at 5:33
Angela is not posting here. Its Gormally.
Posted by the Boogie Man on 2.12.08 at 5:43
I agree, Angela is not posting here because she enjoys this too much. John Gormally (real name used here) is suggesting Polito "moves on" because doesn't like the exposure. I guess the fake names backfired.
Posted by Red Sox Rule on 2.12.08 at 6:30
Posted by James T. Kirk on 2.11.08 at 18.37 Way too funny! Oh so funny! He spent his childhood devoted to the old Star Trak and always thought of himself as James T. Kirk. In a way, he still thinks he's JTK. Crazy, huh?
Posted by The Boogie Man on 2.12.08 at 7:05
Angela will not post here out of fear of losing her job. Besides, the posts in defense of Gormally all appear orchestrated: same message, same theme, no real names. Can anybody here identify one real name of a person that supports Gormally? Amanda McKinstry = Doesn't Exist Mary Ellen Ford = Doesn't Exist Bill Martinthal = Doesn't Exist John McGinnes = Doesn't Exist Okay, Polito is a light-weight, and frankly so is everyone else in this business or they wouldn?t be in this market. But, if he can do this to Polito, who?s next? The fake names just destroyed all creditability.
Posted by broadcast central on 2.12.08 at 9:15
Get the IP address.
Posted by COURT! on 2.12.08 at 9:21
Gormally fires arrogant Polito. Polito decides to defend himself. Gormally decides to defend himself. Afraid of losing community support, Gormally posts under false names. Polito throws 1st amendment out window and wants to restrict free speech (ex: ip address thing). What's next? How does this end? Who's on 1st base. (Lou and Abbott)
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.12.08 at 12:51
Restrict free speech? This isn't free speech - these fake names are slandering and defaming Polito, linking him with Ted Bundy and violent abusers. If someone comes on here and says "I don't like Polito," there's nothing that can be done. Free speech in full effect. However, to say someone "This guy is TOTAL SCUM and deserves to never work in this market again (employers take notice and check this dirtbag out). Remember Ted Bundy?" - different game.
Posted by Who's on Second? on 2.12.08 at 13:09
This should be a footnote to the narrative at best. ---Posted by Who's on Second? on 2.12.08 at 13.09---
Posted by Who was the catcher? (lou and abbott) on 2.12.08 at 13:18
"I don't like Polito," there's nothing that can be done. Free speech in full effect. However, to say someone "This guy is TOTAL SCUM and deserves to never work in this market again (employers take notice and check this dirtbag out). Remember Ted Bundy?" - different game. Posted by Who's on Second? on 2.12.08 at 13.09 Yes, that is what Gormally said and as a journalist he has that right to say it. Its also true that Gormally has been exposed as a total liar and the question arises: who is going to win in this ball game? Who's on 1st base. (lou and abbott)
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.12.08 at 13:40
Dinner for all these Gormally supporters at Max's this Friday with a valid driver's ID. Amanda McKinstry Mary Ellen Ford Bill Martinthal John McGinnes Any takers? Who's on 1st base. (lou and abbott)
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.12.08 at 13:49
Hey, don't forget Morgan Mary. I'll even babysit for her.
Posted by The Filet with a Baked Potato on 2.12.08 at 14:09
Jim, give it a rest.
Posted by A Friend on 2.12.08 at 14:11
This comment section has grown into a story of its very own. Sheesh.
Posted by Bill D. on 2.12.08 at 16:38
I was an intern at the station as well as an employee. Jim Polito was not only someone who I came to look up to but he also became a good friend. He was someone that offerred me career advice and was one of the most entertaining personalities around. There was not one person that I can think of that didn't get a kick out of his crazy sense of humor and it is one of the things that I most miss about being there. But this is not about his language, or about Angela, but about the new owner's lack of knowledge or care about actually learning to run a news station. It was not improving by any means before he got there. Anyone who has worked there can tell you that they did not think it could get any worse. But Mr. Gormally certainly did not waste any time moving right in and making an already sub par station worse. What he should have done was let it run as normal and get a chance to see what worked and didn't work before he started taring it all apart. Jim, you are one of the funniest and most intelligent people I have ever met. Just because you chose to call attention to your situation doesn't make you a jerk. You just won't accept something that you feel you do not deserve and people should applaud you for that. People who say that you are wrong for making it public do not know anything about the station and certainly have not worked there. It is unfortunate that this website is as bad as mass live with all of the gossip on here. I am glad that you were fired because you are better than this place and you deserve to be somewhere that respects you and celebrates what you bring to the table. I will miss you when you move on to better things and thank you for all that you have taught me.
Posted by This is as bad as mass live on 2.12.08 at 18:16
Jim writing about himself again, pretending to be an intern.
Posted by It's me on 2.13.08 at 3:19
Maybe he did, maybe not; at least he didn't post with fake names in an attempt to rally community support around people who in fact don't exist like you did.
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.13.08 at 5:02
Jim, give it a rest. Posted by A Friend on 2.12.08 at 14.11 Another fake post. Neither Jim's friends nor Gormally's friends would post here asking them to stop, they would just call them personally on the phone to save them from embarrassment and show sympathy. This is another fake post, and can we make a reasonable guess who posted it?. Is the media seeing this? There is a real story here of one man with incredible power trying to destroy one man with a half-way decent reputation. Call the Globe or the Times if the local stiffs in the media aren't interested in covering this.
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.13.08 at 5:14
Based on everything written here it sounds like Gormally is an A-1 A-hole and the station (and community) would be best served by new, more enlightened ownership. Springfield has enough problems as it is without further degradation of its local media.
Posted by Observing from afar on 2.13.08 at 6:14
Anybody up for a beer? First cold one is on me. For Amanda McKinstry, Mary Ellen Ford, Bill Martinthal, and John McGinnes, I'll throw in dinner as well. Any takers? Jimmy? Johnie? Don't be shy.
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.13.08 at 11:33
Could Jim ever get his Jim back at channel 40, after all this harassment? Is the likely outcome of this battle that Jim is offered a large sum of money, and must quietly disappear? John Gormally would get the last laugh because he would never have to pay but his insurance company will. I would like to take back my comment about Jim being a light-weight. It took alot of courage to stand to Gormally!
Posted by question on 2.13.08 at 14:20
Posted by McKinstrey on 2.14.08 at 6:49
you can only sue for Defamation of Character if what people are saying is both false, and destroying your reputation. Since you are all claiming that only a few people read and write here, there must be no damage to reputation. Opinion, btw, falls under free-speech and is un-impeachable. Public figures have far less protection than private people under most state defamation laws.
Posted by julie maccarini on 2.14.08 at 11:34
No public records of julie maccarini in Massachusetts. She doesn't exist. Question is: which side is she supporting?
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.14.08 at 12:25
If you google "Jim Polito", this article is the seventh link listed. In this day and age, bosses have been known to "google" potential employees, check out possible MySpace pages and investigate a person's Web-based reputation. There have been a number of people who have been denied a job because they decided to post their finest moment at "Keg 2006" on the Net. If Polito actually wanted to push this farther, he could easily file a defamation of character suit and petition for the IP addresses with a court order. However, I don't think he really has to worry about the ridiculous statements peppered in the 132 comments that sit above. Additionally, there's no way John Gormally is simply sitting in his office, rattling off fake names and posting on here. In the end, it doesn't matter. Polito walks away with a new lease on life and Gormally, a black eye to begin his tenure in local television. Any raitionale news director will ask the right questions and put 2 and 2 together. Polito was investigating Gormally for a story. Gormally ends up the warden at 1300 Liberty Street. Polito cleaned his desk off because he knew what was coming. I'm excited for this to be over for one reason: TV News needs Polito back on the streets, investigating and kicking ass.
Posted by Reputation on 2.14.08 at 12:40
Any rational news director would never hire this idiot!
Posted by EasyMan on 2.15.08 at 17:41
"Any rational news director would never hire this idiot! Posted by EasyMan on 2.15.08 at 17.41 " Right. So, let me get this straight... 1. A rational news director would never hire a man who knows how to report, tell a story and investigate. 2. A rational news director would never hire a man who has won awards for his investigations. 3. A rational news director would side with a man who has never owned a TV station and agree with his decision to fire a reporter because he used bad language in the newsroom. 4. A rational news director wouldn't be concerned that Gormally was involved in a corrupt political campaign and would turn their head to the fact that Polito was investigating Gormally before Gormally bought ABC 40. Makes sense. Poor Polito. Maybe he'll find an irrational news director.
Posted by EasyE on 2.17.08 at 7:24
Polito fired from WAQY the Friday before last. No, it's not his knee. Was told to pack his bags. What did he do? Oh, I know, screwed up again. Two jobs in three months says a lot. Fess up Polito and admit you got fired from WAQY.
Posted by WAQYinsider on 2.17.08 at 9:18
Polito fired from WAQY the Friday before last. No, it's not his knee. Was told to pack his bags. What did he do? Oh, I know, screwed up again. Two jobs in three months says a lot. Fess up Polito and admit you got fired from WAQY. Posted by WAQYinsider on 2.17.08 at 9.18 A few questions for the stalker above: -If you are so sure of this, why don't you post your real name? -How do you get fired when you weren't even hired? -What's your obsession with Polito and your obsession with creating fake scenarios? FACT: Polito was filling in on the show. He had no intention of staying there. With all due respect to the position, Polito would be wasting his time as the "news reader" on a radio morning show. So, we wait for the coward to post his real name and tell us why he feels the need to post bullshit.
Posted by Name? on 2.18.08 at 7:59
It amuses me how many of you ask for real names without putting your own down. If it makes you so much more credible, than why not do it yourselves? Is that only for those you wish to get in trouble with their employer? Or is it possible that you are enjoying anonymity but feel you are the only one to have a right to it. None of you are credible, not one. This entire thing has been very entertaining for us, though. A real eye opening look into the world of TV news.
Posted by mthompson on 2.18.08 at 12:40
Mthompson is RIGHT ON. Polito hides behind screen names and makes post after post about how great he is. More than half the post here (probably more like 3/4) are from this unemployed abuser. Get a life Jimbo and crawl out under that bridge you live under.
Posted by Right On on 2.18.08 at 13:53
Right On on 2.18.08 at 13.53 is John Gormally.
Posted by Right On on 2.18.08 at 13.53 is John Gormally on 2.19.08 at 10:08
Has anybody noticed that once the fake names were identified as John Gormally that all the fake names did not continue to post. The fake names posted here were John Gormally. He wanted the public to believe he has community support with his war against Polito. So he created fake identities and then posted abusive comments here against Polito to demonstrate (false) community support. This is a war of perception, and the perception = advertising dollars. If someone hates Polito the last thing they would want is for this exposure to go away. Yet, in all cases, those posting with fake names (i.e. John Gormally) actually encourage Jim "to move" so this would end. You hate Polito and yet your asking Polito to move on, so this will stop? (who wants it to stop: Gormally) Jim, he's going to try and destroy you so you may as well fight and there is a remote chance you'll win. Jim Polito has the power of the Truth. John Gormally has the power of money. Which is stronger? I'm sorry to say I'd put my money on Gormally. Money is stronger than the truth, and evil is more powerful than good. Gormally learned this along time ago, when he turned from the priesthood to advertising.
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.20.08 at 5:11
Don't forget everyone's favorite bi-polar anchor, Dave Madsen. That guy is so chemically imbalanced, I would be suprised if he's on here as well. All it takes is one trip to court - the IP addresses would be interesting. I bet one thing...all those fake names probably fall under the same IP address.
Posted by Don't forget Madsen on 2.20.08 at 6:03
Posted by Don't forget Madsen on 2.20.08 at 6.03 Was Posted by John Gormally John Gormally posted the above comment, not Jim Polito. John Gormally is attempting to bate in Dave Madsen and others into his fight with Polito. Watch how John Gormally will assume fake names and will try to draw anyone with a shared history with Jim Polito into the fight. This is how John Gormally operates. This is who John Gormally is. One minute Gormally is suggesting Polito has bi-polar, a week later, Gormally, pretending to be Polito, accuses Madsen of bi-polar. This is an attempt by John Gormally to draw attention away from himself; John Gormally is afraid he will lose advertisers if they figure out it was him posting along. This is who John Gormally is. Is the truth stronger $$$? That is up to you-- the community-- to decide, not Polito and not Gormally.
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.20.08 at 9:11
It amuses me how many of you ask for real names without putting your own down. If it makes you so much more credible, than why not do it yourselves? Is that only for those you wish to get in trouble with their employer? Or is it possible that you are enjoying anonymity but feel you are the only one to have a right to it. None of you are credible, not one. This entire thing has been very entertaining for us, though. A real eye opening look into the world of TV news. This was posted by John Gormally, and what he says is true, except he continually posted under fake names not Polito (or Polito supporters like me). So, when John Gormally requested for people to post their real names, it is more deceipt on his part. Jim Polito's supporters never posted under fake names; John Gormally did post under fake names to give the impression of community support, and therefore more advertising dollars. Gormally wants this to all go away. Equally, he has to destroy Polito or face the risk of Polito (or the community) will destroy him. AMEN
Posted by Who's on first base? I don't know- 3rd base on 2.20.08 at 9:21
This page is turning into a nut house.
Posted by Bill D. on 2.20.08 at 17:28
Abbott: Well Costello, I'm going to Springfield with you. You know John Gormally, the ABC 40 Owner, gave me a job as news director for as long as you're on the team. Costello: Look Abbott, if you're the news director, you must know all the players. Abbott: I certainly do. Costello: Well you know I've never met the guys. So you'll have to tell me their names, and then I'll know who's playing on the team. Abbott: Oh, I'll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these news people now-a-days very peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names? Abbott: Strange names, pet Dave Madsen... Costello: His brother Daffy. Abbott: Daffy Madsen... Costello: And their French cousin. Abbott: French? Costello: Goofè. Abbott: Goofè Madsen. Well, let's see, we have on the bags, Who's anchoring the Noon, What's the lead, I Don't Know is in the B Block... Costello: That's what I want to find out. Abbott: I say Who's anchoring the Noon, What's the lead, I Don't Know is in the B Block? Costello: Are you the news director? Abbott: Yes. Costello: You gonna be the EP too? Abbott: Yes. Costello: And you don't know Who's anchoring the Noon, What's the lead, and what's in the B Block? Abbott: Well I should. Costello: Well then Who's anchoring the Noon? Abbott: Yes. Costello: I mean the fellow's name. Abbott: Who. Costello: The guy anchoring the Noon. Abbott: Who. Costello: The Noon Anchor. Abbott: Who. Costello: The guy reading... Abbott: Who is the Noon ANCHOR! Costello: I'm asking YOU who's on anchoring the Noon. Abbott: That's the man's name. Costello: That's who's name? Abbott: Yes. Costello: Well go ahead and tell me. Abbott: That's it. Costello: That's who? Abbott: Yes. PAUSE Costello: Look, you gotta Noon anchor? Abbott: Certainly. Costello: Who's anchoring the Noon? Abbott: That's right. Costello: When you pay off the Noon anchor every month, who gets the money? Abbott: Every dollar of it. Costello: All I'm trying to find out is the fellow's name on the Noon show. Abbott: Who. Costello: The guy that anchors... Abbott: That's it. Costello: Who gets the money... Abbott: He does, every dollar. Sometimes his wife comes down and collects it. Costello: Whose wife? Abbott: Yes. PAUSE Abbott: What's wrong with that? Costello: Look, all I wanna know is when you sign up the noon anchor, how does he sign his name? Abbott: Who. Costello: The guy. Abbott: Who. Costello: How does he sign... Abbott: That's how he signs it. Costello: Who? Abbott: Yes. PAUSE Costello: All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on the Noon show. Abbott: No. What is on the 5 p.m. Costello: I'm not asking you who's on the 5 p.m. Abbott: Who's on the Noon show. Costello: One show at a time! Abbott: Well, don't change the anchors around. Costello: I'm not changing nobody! Abbott: Take it easy, buddy. Costello: I'm only asking you, who's the guy on Noon show? Abbott: That's right. Costello: Ok. Abbott: All right. PAUSE Costello: What's the guy's name on Noon show? Abbott: No. What is on the 5 p.m.. Costello: I'm not asking you who's on the 5 p.m. Abbott: Who's on the Noon show. Costello: I don't know. Abbott: He's on the 11, we're not talking about him. Costello: Now how did I get on the 11 p.m.? Abbott: Why you mentioned his name. Costello: If I mentioned the 11 p.m. anchor, who did I say is anchoring? Abbott: No. Who's anchoring the Noon. Costello: What's on the Noon? Abbott: What's on the 5 p.m. Costello: I don't know. Abbott: He's on at 11. Costello: There I go, back on the 11 p.m. newscast! PAUSE Costello: Would you just stay on 11 p.m. newscast and don't go off it. Abbott: All right, what do you want to know? Costello: Now who's anchoring the 11 p.m. news? Abbott: Why do you insist on putting Who on the 11 p.m.? Costello: What am I putting on the 11 p.m. Abbott: No. What is on the 5 p.m. show. Costello: You don't want who on the 5 p.m.? Abbott: Who is on the Noon. Costello: I don't know. Abbott & Costello Together:11 p.m.! PAUSE Costello: Look, you gotta reporters? Abbott: Sure. Costello: The morning reporter's name? Abbott: Why. Costello: I just thought I'd ask you. Abbott: Well, I just thought I'd tell ya. Costello: Then tell me who's reporting on the AM show. Abbott: Who's anchoring the Noon. Costello: I'm not... stay out of the Noon show! I want to know what's the guy's name reporting in the AM? Abbott: No, What is anchoring the 5 p.m. Costello: I'm not asking you who's on the 5 p.m. Abbott: Who's on the NOON! Costello: I don't know. Abbott & Costello Together: 11 p.m.!
Posted by enjoy on 2.21.08 at 8:45
All too funny. Nice work!
Posted by Red Sox Rule on 2.21.08 at 9:06
It's amazing what a person without a job, that nobody will hire, has to do with his time.
Posted by Who's On Mars on 2.21.08 at 17:22
nice article
Posted by kraloyun on 5.31.08 at 3:18
Posted by kral oyun on 5.31.08 at 3:19
Posted by mirc on 5.15.09 at 15:27
thanks admin good post
Posted by sohbet on 6.11.09 at 7:58



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