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She’ll Be Sawing Down the Mountain

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carolyn Clayton built her own mountain. She put her personal peak together last year with synthetic and found materials, and the result looked exceptionally clean and well rendered. She wasn’t content to stop there, however. The mountain, its multi-colored interior layers seeded with found objects, got strip-mined. Clayton sawed off chunks, revealing pleasing strata and creating satellite artworks, each preserved and tagged. The fate of those 200 objects gets determined this week.

On June 28, HOARD The Auction, the follow-up to Clayton’s 2013 project, comes to an end with a silent auction of 170 mountainous chunks. Then things get loud when Valley performer Seth Lepore takes the mic to run a live auction of the remaining 30 pieces. Clayton is interested in the idea of value, and the live auction is meant to explore how value gets assigned to artwork.

After dispersing her mountain, Clayton packs her bags to leave the Valley and head to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she will pursue her MFA in art.


HOARD The Auction: through June 28; silent and live auctions June 28, 6-9 p.m., Mill Art Project, Room 137, Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton, .

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