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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Terren Braen photo

Art in the Orchard is a relatively new idea, but it’s proven itself a big draw as well as a quintessentially Valley experience. It is quite literally art in an orchard—sculptures sit in a bucolic array on hills and in dales, quietly interacting with the changing light and weather. Weekends bring special events like yoga, dance and chainsaw carving, and performances of all sorts at the two “lingering spaces” along the winding trail.

Two new additions have recently joined the lineup from guest artists (the rest of the sculptors were chosen via jury): the impressive and vaguely alien “DNAtor” (pictured) by Washington D.C. artist Robert Cole, and lifelike scarecrows dubbed “The Apple Pickers,” by Plainfield’s Michael Melle.

Art in the Orchard has become a focal point for the Easthampton arts scene, and it would be hard to imagine a more fruitful setting.


Through Oct. 31, Park Hill Orchard, 82 Park Hill Road, Easthampton,

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