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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Israel: Two Voices

The Hadassah trio who penned a letter to the Advocate (Nov. 29) seeking support for Israel sound well-meaning, but they narrowly express concern for only Jewish victims in the decades-long Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Behind what the authors call Israel’s recent restraint—presumably in not repeating its 2008 invasion of Gaza, in which it killed about 1,300 Palestinians—lies an enormous Zionist disinformation campaign.

These women write that Israel’s assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari prompted a violent response from Hamas. Left unsaid is that Jabari had promoted the existing cease-fire. The Israeli government regularly provokes conflict, using hostile response for propaganda purposes and to mask its opposition to peace talks.

Palestinian conditions for a lasting peace with Israel have long been the creation of an independent state along the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israel ensures that plans for talks will fail through insistence upon there being “no prior conditions.” Why? Because the status quo allows increased Israeli settlement (now exceeding 600,000) in the West Bank, and pursuit of the Zionist objective of a greater Israel in all of historic Palestine.

President Barack Obama’s readily recognizable disrespect and contempt toward Benjamin Netanyahu upon Netanyahu’s recent visit to the White House is a reflection of President Obama’s contempt for the nation of Israel. However, in a recent jaw-dropping letter to the Advocate submitted by the Northampton-Amherst Chapter of Hadassah entitled “ Israel Seeks Support,” the letter writers actually expressed a belief that President Obama is committed to supporting Israel.

What is more, the letter writers stated that they “look to the world community for its understanding and support of peace for the people of Israel.” The “world community” that they refer to cannot be anything other than the United Nations, whose ultimate purpose for existing is to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea.

Discernment can be a very painful thing. Many discerning Jews in Israel are extremely upset over the fact that a majority of Jews in America (in their innocence) supported Barack Obama in his bid for reelection. The battle for the minds and soul of a people is another aspect of the overall conflict as we see the nations once again gathering in an attempt to destroy Israel.

From a Scriptural perspective, if you have a problem with Israel, your problem is not with Israel. Your problem is with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The foolish nations that conspire to destroy Israel are, in a sense, playing “king of the mountain” and do not understand the theme of Psalm 2: “I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill.”


Cross That Bridge

No matter your opinion about the sculptures on the bridges crossing Northampton’s Main Street (“The Other Side of the Bridges,” November 22, 2012), there’s a new reason to draw attention to that section of the Manhan Rail-Trail (Pleasant St./Union Station to King St./Taco Bell): Mayor Narkewicz has just announced that the city will plow it starting this winter.

Please join me in extending a public thanks to the mayor, the City of Northampton, Smith College, the Business Improvement District, and the many people who spoke in favor of the collaboration that has made this possible. We now have a continuous stretch from the intersection of Grove Street and Earle Street all the way to Leeds that will be maintained during the winter, encouraging healthy recreation and commuting.

The wonderful and growing network of trails and greenways is one of the features that make the Pioneer Valley a great place to visit, work and live. Visit the Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways at to find out more.

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I have read these two letters with wonderment, how one can get it right and the other can get it so wrong. Anyone who thinks that Hamas wants peace with Israel and that Israel is the agreessor needs to study the Islamic goal a bit and I would suggest a book written by a member of Parliament in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, "Marked for Murder". An eye opener for those that are doing their best to keep their eyes firmly shut. While the Obama administration considers selling F-16's to Egypt, the home of the Muslim Brotherhood and says he has israels backs I think he means he has his hands on their backs while he helps to push them into the sea. And if thse members of Hadassah and other Jews in the Valley, heck, the country think that voting for Obama was a vote for Israel they have deluded themselves. There will never be peace in the Middle East and once (if this happens) they drive Israel out) then they turn to Europe and the US. Look at France, Greece, Spain and other European countries that have opened their doors and see how we have to be politically correct while those of the Muslim persuasion can say they want all Jews dead and Israel driven into the sea. Wm. Santy has it right, sorry Carl Doerner, you have no clue, you have fallen for the "Progressives" propaganda, and btw, do you really know the definition of Progressives, do a bit of digging and see what you come up with, it started out with FDR and his drive to socialize the nation, where the Obama adminsistration would like to see us go. If you value what we have, have always had then you need to educate yourselves and make a decision of who you want to support. This is about more than Birth Control and Abortion, this is about keeping this country free. Did you know that it is a common belief in the Islamic world that once they have one Muslim in a country that country is not a part of them and they have the right to take it. Read the Wilder's book, it is just a step in your learning. I hope you can sleep well at night when you watch the Muslim world try to destroy Israel then Europe and us with biological weapons and suicide bombers. I hope you can sleep well when you realize you gave your children's future's away because you were too lazy to look deeper than an article you read on line without knowing the sources and the agenda.

Posted by Jed Spensor on 12.18.12 at 14:51



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