Magical Memories: Andrea Waller & Katie Clifford

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Sunday, January 01, 2012
Studio SMC Photo
Andrea and Katie

We co-own Salon 241 hair salon in Northampton and know a little something about what happens to people when they plan a wedding. Over the years we’ve done the hair of every kind of bride – from relaxed to stressed. When we started planning our own wedding we knew we did not want to become the latter. So that we wouldn't obsess over every detail or crisis we trusted all of the wedding professionals we worked with and handed over all the worrying about the details to them. It paid off.

When we walked down the aisle at the Garden House at Look Park every detail looked fantastic. Everyone we hired for our wedding did what they did best. The flowers, lighting, music and food exactly captured the 'winter wonderland' theme that we wanted. Without all the worry and stress we were able to enjoy our most memorable moment – right after the violin and cello began to play once the ceremony was over and we were married. Happily we walked down the aisle and had a moment alone in a private room. There we took it all in and all of our nerves began to relax and we realized at once that we were now a family. Taking that time together instead of running to be in a receiving line was so magical. It was the moment of our lives.

Comments (15)
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Congratulations! You both look amazing! I'm so happy that the owners of my favorite salon found love and had such a lovely, stress free winter wedding (no easy feat). Many years of happiness to you both!

Posted by Kirsten on 1.23.12 at 14:26

this picture of the tro of you is gorg!! i wish you many years of happiness!! love you both!

Posted by Missy on 1.23.12 at 14:41

And a beautiful "Winter Wonderland" day it was, indeed. Behold two of the most beautiful women we have ever had the luxury to know. Many blessings, and cheers to a hundred years!

Posted by Erin & Ryan Koske on 1.23.12 at 15:40

Beautiful ladies, inside and out:)

Posted by Sandra Costello on 1.24.12 at 13:34

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